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Countering the Vilification of the Kalashnikov

I'm not sure how I missed this when it first came out. Thankfully Strike-Hold! posted it today. It's an interesting video from Vice about the so-called “rebranding” of the AK-47. I found it particularly interesting given some recent discussions I've had with Rob Anderson of US PALM (whose AK mags I'm currently trying to tear up). Last time I was in Phoenix he and I talked at length about the possibility of making the Kalashnikov “socially acceptable.” It's an interesting idea, though perhaps easier to posit than to effect. I think one of the greatest signs we could see regarding the acceptance of the AK is if we started seeing it used in lieu of ARs as a patrol rifle in the hands of LEOs…but can you imagine the hue and cry that would erupt if someone caught a LEO putting some asshole down with an AK, even if it was justified?

Anyway, it's an interesting watch (though you'll want to keep in mind it's Vice).

Hat tip to the Strike-Hold! blog.


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