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Covert Carbine: Ares Defense MCR SC

If you turn back to issue 15, you may recall an article Peter Palma penned on the Ares Defense MCR (he also covered the more politically configured SCR in issue 16). Back at SOFIC I handled another member of the Ares Defense lineup: the MCR Sub-Carbine. Our travel tempo has relented sufficiently for me to tell you about it.

So, MCR Sub-Carbine. Don't let the name fool you–while usually when the prefix ‘sub' is attached one thinks of a smaller caliber, in this case it's indicative of a smaller weapon.

Ares Defense took their Mission Configurable Rifle and gave it the ability to be even more flexible. The MCR Sub-Carbine breaks down and fits into a briefcase.


The quick attach barrel and gas system from the MCR remains in this close cousin, so it can be attached in just a few seconds. If stored with the bolt not quite in battery the barrel installation is even faster.


Press and go


MCR gas regulator

But what of the buttstock? Ares Defense modified the system so that it's fully function when folded. The MCR Sub-Carbine can be used with most M16/AR lowers, provided than an adapter is used. The gunnerd in me is already considering the endless buttstock options.



Note the integral sling loop on the left side

The Ares Defense MCR Sub-Carbine comes packaged in its own briefcase. My only question is, can we put a beltfed in that briefcase too?

For more information, you can visit the homepage of Ares Defense here, or follow them on Facebook.

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