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Crimson Trace Rail Master Universal Laser Sight

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Crimson Trace’s new Rail Master Universal Laser Sight is an affordable and simple lightweight option for those looking to add a laser aiming system to their handgun or rifle for use in low-light situations. The Rail Master’s body is made from polymer and weighed in at just 0.7 ounces with the largest of the four included adapters.

To put the Rail Master to the test we installed it on a Glock Gen 3 G17 pistol. Installation was simple – the only tool needed was a small flat head screwdriver, and it took less than five minutes to be mounted. Fitment to the G17 was very nice, the Rail Master contoured perfectly to the trigger guard and frame. One small but well thought out feature we really liked is the battery door being on bottom, so you can replace the battery without having to remove the Rail Master from the gun.

Activating the laser is simple, there are two extended levers on either side of the Rail Master that only require a light press to toggle on-or-off. For those with smaller hands, or a shorter index finger might find it hard to reach the strong side activation lever. We personally would do our best not to activate it from the strong side anyway. We’re believers in trying to limit your strong hand’s index finger to being responsible for one thing if possible, pressing the trigger.

Using a thumbs forward grip makes activating the Rail Master from the support side very easy and intuitive, even for those with small hands. But there is a downside; using your support hand's thumb to activate the laser means you have to get both hands on the gun to turn it on. If you end up in a life threatening defensive situation and need to draw your pistol quickly to protect yourself and want to use the Rail Master. You will either need to use your strong side index finger to turn on the laser, or take the time to get both hands on the gun.

The laser dot projected by the Rail Master indoors under numerous florescent lights is very bright and large, making it very easy to pick up. Outdoors under a high noon sun the dot is much more subdued as expected. While we’d like it brighter for outdoors, Crimson Trace specifically targeted the Rail Master for use in low-light situations.

We took the Rail Master equipped G17 to the range for some testing. From the factory it comes zeroed for 50 feet. We decided to re-zero at 25 feet which just took a couple elevation adjustments with the included allen wrench. Windage was dead on from the factory.

We put 300 rounds down range with the Rail Master equipped Glock 17. The 9mm ammo we we’re shooting was a combination of Federal 115gr ball, and PMC eRange 124gr.  The Rail Master never had any problems handling recoil; it maintained zero, never came loose and the battery door stayed closed. We even removed and reinstalled it after 130 rounds and it held zero.

Firing three five round groups with each shot in semi-quick succession from our normal shooting stance, but ignoring the irons sights and using the Rail Master’s dot for aiming, produced solid hits from 25 feet. From 10 feet shooting from the hip one handed equaled consistent combat effective hits with the Rail Master's laser on. Without the aid of the laser, the same one handed shooting from the hip had a much wider dispersion when shooting at speed.

The Crimson Trace Rail Master is a solid laser aiming device. Its light weight doesn't upset the balance of the Glock G17 and it held zero without any problem. The downside of how fast you can activate the laser from the draw could be a concern for those who would use this on a CCW pistol, but Crimson Trace also has their well known Laser Grips that we would recommend for that type of setup. Factoring in the Rail Master’s $149 MSRP and that it can be used on handguns or rifles, makes it a very affordable piece of kit that offers great bang for the buck performance.

Crimson Trace Rail Master Universal Laser Sight
MSRP: $149

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  • george maddox says:

    This is just what i need to go on my sig-sauer equinox so i can keep my custom grips that i have, i will probably order one as soon as possible

  • Roman Rauhala says:

    I purchased one and threw it on my XD Sub Com… it works great, and is very compact. Like it so much, may purchase another..

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  • This is just what i need to go on my sig-sauer equinox so i can keep my custom grips that i have, i will probably order one as soon as possible

  • I purchased one and threw it on my XD Sub Com... it works great, and is very compact. Like it so much, may purchase another..

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