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Cry Havoc: Let Slip The QRB

We decided to make a return to the Bad Company Tactical booth this year and stumbled upon a pretty interesting AR from Cry Havoc Tactical. Cry Havoc’s Quick Release Barrel, or QRB, is an upgrade package for an AR-style rifle that allows you to break down your rifle for concealability or caliber changes.

QRB 01

The QRB consists of a barrel plate, receiver plate, star nut and proprietary two-piece gas system. When properly installed on direct-impingement ARs, you can remove or attach your barrel/handguard in seconds without loss of headspace or zero. All you have to do is lock the bolt to the rear, unlatch the two handguard clamps and pull the barrel/handguard assembly off of the receiver.

QRB 02

Your BCG, charging handle and upper receiver remain on the rifle. While we, unfortunately, do not have the photos on hand right now, this author has personally seen photos of a QRB rifle broken down and fit inside a Trapper Keeper binder. Of course, any backpack, gym bag or short duffel will work, as the overall package goes down to a 17.5-inch overall length once broken apart. The Dead Foot Arms folding stock assembly incorporated into this build shrinks that number even further.


In addition to the concealability factor, the QRB also has potential for caliber changes. The rifle we saw on the show floor had matching 5.56mm and .300 Blackout uppers. Since the magazines and bolts are the same, all that needs to be changed is the barrel.

QRB 03

This particular sample incorporates a few other interesting upgrades, including Bad Company Tactical’s R2S modular retention system. The R2S consists of an aluminum dovetail that mounts on any 1913 Picatinny rail and a pseudo-holster that can be worn on a belt, mounted on MOLLE or fixed to any flat surface with the right tools.

QRB 05

There’s also the Fist Grip from Ryker USA. The Fist Grip is an interesting take on AR forward grips that positions your support hand as it would naturally sit when supporting a pistol. We’d have to spend more time with this to make up our minds about it, but it’s something we hadn’t seen before.

The Cry Havoc QRB kit retails for $349 and is available directly from Cry Havoc’s website.

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