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Curated Offers: 4 Tactical Slingshots

As a child, few things brought more pleasure than a new toy with which to wreak havoc. But as an adult, we never really get the opportunity to let loose in the same way. Enter, the Tactical Slingshot. Now we can reclaim some of our youthful vigor while shooting cans, signs, trees, and much more. Here are a few options for a reliable slingshot.

The Tactical Classic


Whether in the backyard or out in the wilderness, be sure to keep the Tactical Slingshot T18 in reach. This metal slingshot with attached support frame is an update to your childhood favorite. You'll be sure to inflict maximum force thanks in part to its high-tension triple rubber bands. And with an ergonomic handle that supports comfortable grip for both right- and left-handed shooters, this slingshot will hit its mark every time. As a grown up, you deserve a slingshot to match your toughness and grit, and this is it.

Buy Now: Pick up this tactical slingshot for just $49.99 (Originally $89.99). Recoil readers can save an additional 15% with coupon code SAVE15.

The Best In Sight


There's a slingshot, and then there's the Tactical Slingshot W71. In addition to its elastic silicone rubber bands, this thing comes with an infrared sight and a laser flashlight. No more packing things up at dusk, now you can continue the thrill into the night. Plus, having a sight means greater accuracy. If you're going to buy a slingshot, you might as well go for all the bells and whistles.

Buy Now: Grab this sweet slingshot for only $99.99, a savings of 44%. Recoil readers can save an additional 15% with coupon code SAVE15.

The Portable Shot


Going on a camping trip and looking to save space? Then the Tactical Slingshot L19 is your best bet, measuring at just over 5 inches tall. That being said, this little guy will still provide you plenty of power and accuracy. Featuring an ergonomically designed grip to maximize control, this easy to carry slingshot also incorporates a high-tension bands to increase velocity and striking force. It's perfect for the gunslinger on the go.

Buy Now: A lot of power in a small package for just $51.99. That's a savings of 45%. Recoil readers can save an additional 15% with coupon code SAVE15.

The Power Shot


The Tactical Slingshot X22 was built not just for hitting a target, but destroying it. An upgrade from the traditional models, this slingshot combines high elastic silicone rubber bands with a spring-loaded body to increase your firepower to new levels. The high-tech design also features and adjustable handle for both left- and right-handed users. If you want a powerful slingshot, this is the model for you.

Buy Now: An striking deal for only $89.99 (Originally $159.99). Recoil readers can save an additional 15% with coupon code SAVE15.

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