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Curated Offers: 5 Knives To Handle Any Situation

Knives are some of the most useful tools on the planet, doing everything from whittling wood for fire kindling to even protecting yourself from a potential attacker. With a plethora of uses comes a plethora of styles, and we've rounded up some great deals on some favorites.

1. The 5-in-1 Survival Knife


If you're looking for an all-purpose blade, the Off-Grid Survival Knife should be your first choice. Boasting an LED flashlight, a fire starter rod and a window breaker, this knife makes the worst-case scenario look like a piece of cake.

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2. The Stylish Switchblade


Sometimes art is functional — which happens to be the case with the CRKT Argus Folding Knife. The all-black AUS 8, 57-58 HRC blade with all-black cold-forged aluminum handle combo is sure to turn heads. It's also sure to cut smoothly on any surface.

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3. The Hero Knife


Be prepared for any situation with the StatGear Storm Rescue Knife. With a seatbelt cutter and a window punch, this knife is sure to make light of any heavy situation. Don't get caught without this blade.

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4. The Full-Service Knife


We tend to judge things by what they can do, but sometimes it's better to judge by what they can't do. A prime example is the Surviv-All Outdoor Knife, which seems like there isn't very much it can't do. Take control of any situation — starting a fire, sharpening another knife — in a jiffy.
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5. The Performance Knife


The Marine Marpat Flipper Knife is the everyday precision knife of your dreams. This knife features a simple but effective design, with a hollow grind and plain edge combined with a stainless steel back spear. And the G-10 handle, both impervious to water and easy to maintain, rounds out this beautiful blade.

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