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Curated Offers: Mini Cannons

Mini cannon: Is there a cooler combo of words? Well, now those words are more than just letters on a page—they're a reality. Check out these novelty cannons and fire away.

Modern Mini


This .25 caliber Mini Cannon provides a modern take on this classic weapon of war. Just add some 3F black powder and let the fun explode. It even comes with 2 sets of cannonballs. Whether you're at the office, the park, or elsewhere, blast away boredom with a mini cannon.

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Historic Mini

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History buff? The Combat Cannon is a miniature version of the classic 19th-century cannon. At just under a half pound, this antique style is a perfect compliment to your collection or just a cool desk item. This classic handheld cannon comes with 2 sets of cannonballs, meaning you can start the fun right away.

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