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CZ Bren 805

Many of you have been patiently (or otherwise) awaiting the arrival of the CZ Bren 805. Did you know that it's already here? Well, it is – kind of. The select-fire version of the Bren 805 is available for LEO/mil purchases and there are some police departments that have them in hand. The Bren has all of the features that we're looking for in a next-generation rifle: brisk barrel change, enhanced controls, adjustable gas, versatile stocks, while remaining lightweight. The examples shown all were rocking what appeared to be Troy sights.

I checked one out today at SHOT and they broke one down for me.

First, the upper and lower receiver are separated by the removal of two pins (sound familiar?). The pins are not captive and are pulled completely out of the lower. The next step involved sliding the stock off, which ended up being a lot more difficult than it sounds. A locking mechanism has to be depressed in order to remove the stock and it's under the weight of the recoil spring assembly. Recoil spring and bolt assembly come right out.


Removal of the piston is achieved by rotating off the gas regulator and simply pulling it out. The captive spring system looked pretty interesting. In the above picture you can see the Hk-esque 4-position safety selector.

The select-fire LEO CZ Bren 805's sell for $2,495. So what about a civilian version? Here's the rub:
Nothing on these rifles is made in the USA. In order for them to be imported under 922r it's  going to have to be severely neutered prior to importation. Many companies will import rifles in such a, “sporting” configuration and then add their own USA made parts once they arrive in order to comply. CZ doesn't currently have that option.

So they're bringing it in as a 10.5″ pistol. 922r compliance doesn't apply to pistols so that's a completely legal way to do it. However, with the recent decisions about Sig Brace-type devices, these aren't quite as practical as they once were. CZ Bren 805 pistols are due in before June 2015 and they have an MSRP of $1,982. Of course, we'll be shooting them.


  • For a full-length review of the CZ BREN 2, go here.

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