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CZ-USA Makes Show of Suppressor Force at SHOT

By Jacki Billings

CZ-USA is on a mission to offer more suppressor goods to fans looking to spice up their firearm arsenal.

After leaking a few models on social media late last year, CZ finally made its suppressor show of force at SHOT Show, introducing a few new items. CZ reps told us that this year is the year of suppressors for the company, who is a making a big push into can territory.


The first to join the suppressed family is the reflex suppressed Scorpion. The 9.6-pound Scorpion uses a S2 TI Reflex Suppressor nestled underneath the HB Industries handguard. A 2-inch blast chamber holds the baffles which CZ told us can tackle 147 grain defensive ammunition under 130 dB. The Scorpion indeed offered a badass feel, while remaining lightweight and maneuverable. CZ told us that law enforcement’s need for a suppressed yet lightweight carbine was the main reason behind the evolution of the reflex suppressed Scorprion and that the company decided to just carry the new model into the civilian market as well. The reflex suppressed Scorpion is expected to begin shipping to consumers in the upcoming months.


Following the suppressed Scorpion, CZ also launched the CZ455 barrel set — an integrally suppressed rimfire model. The 16-inch or 20-inch barrel comes chambered in either .22 LR or .17 HMR with tuneable baffles ready to add a little suppressor to rimfire shooting. The self-cleaning, integral baffles are fully adjustable allowing shooters to tune them to specific loads or shooting needs.Though the barrel sets are start out as solitary offerings for the 455 platform, the company is looking into creating a full-fledged integrally suppressed rimfire rifle at some point in the future.


Though CZ was excited about its integral offerings, the company also showed off its TI Reflex can. The lightweight suppressor utilizes a 3-inch reflex mount in addition to a spiral design for its internal baffle structure. CZ told us the spiral design offers a lighter weight to the overall build in addition to better heat dispersion. Mounting threads for the TI Reflex can are 1/2×28 for the 5.56, 5/8×24 for the 7.62, and 3/4×24 for the .338.


Despite the short-barreled Scorpion on display not constituting an officially suppressed model, it tries to attain the look, pairing an HB Industries Short Handguard with a NoOsprey Faux Suppressor. No BATFE stamp here, the faux suppressor is exactly what it sounds like — a fake can. We asked the reps at CZ why even bother equipping the shorty with a fake suppressor and their answer was pretty simple, “It looks cooler.” CZ explained that though the NoOsprey faux suppressor has not suppression capabilities, it lets gun owners feel cool and can serve as a placeholder for when you actually decide to bite the bullet and dive into NFA waters.


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