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Daniel Defense – an improved rifle financing program

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Daniel Defense has updated their rifle financing options, which I think is great news for rifle owners. As one of those guys who once upon a time could not afford a higher end rifle to carry in my patrol car (admittedly long before Daniel Defense existed) and knowing many who can't currently, I think this will be a popular feature. It certainly promises to provide an avenue to quality rifle ownership for would-be gun owners who otherwise might have to buy something of inferior quality – or just go without.

For those who have been paying attention, this isn't a new idea for DD, so my guess is it's not a response to current economic conditions. The initial DD financing program began 3-4 years ago and was LE only. This was in response to numerous complaints that the rifles were priced out of reach for the average LEO, but it resulted in inevitable (and perhaps justified) grumbling about the LE-only aspect of the program. It apparently wasn't easy to administer, either. Though Marty Daniels‘ idea was a good one, it was difficult to convince financing companies to sign on for it. Few saw value in a firearm-related loan; most probably just saw liability.

Eventually they were able to secure lenders willing to help out, but the end results were unsatisfactory.

“We did find a couple companies willing to help with it,” says Daniel Defense's Jordan Hunter, “but unfortunately we eventually realized their vision for the program was not the same as ours, so we made some changes and found more suitable partners. We're currently working with someone that offers competitive rates and gives the same level of professional customer service we expect of our own Daniel Defense employees.”

Just as importantly, it is no longer an LE-restricted program. DD financing is now open to military personnel and citizens as well. Soldier, fireman, plumber, anyone can now take advantage of it – within the constraints of the law, of course, and apparently rates may vary. Felons are still felons, suppressed rifles still require the appropriate stamp. Additionally, the current service provider has faster approval and turnaround times for loan approval – sometimes fast enough that if the weapon is in stock (and if it's early enough in the day) they can ship it that afternoon.

I didn't read all the fine print as I haven't applied for a loan, but best I can tell they have tiered APRs and a credit limit up to $7,500. That number is not an arbitrary one. It is intended to allow a prospective buyer the option of purchasing a complete package with accessories like mags, bags, optics, etc. – but to take out a loan you must be purchasing a weapon. You can't borrow the money and buy 6 grand worth of rails, charging handles and magazines. The minimum loan amount to finance is $1,000. If you're interested, there are 3 different places on the Daniel Defense home page that will take you to the financing section.Daniel Defense Financing LinksLet me now take a minute to address the dissatisfied, disaffected, querulous few who will bitch no matter how the program rolls out and what the guidelines are (vs. those willing to bring up salient points and discuss them intelligently). Is this the best way to buy a rifle? Probably not. It's hard to think of why it would be better to pay interest on something than to pay cash for it, unless you're trying to establish credit. Will there be those who argue against going in debt at all, or buying “outside your means”? Sure. Could you purchase a rifle with a lower interest line of credit loan from your own bank, or a low interest credit card? Absolutely, assuming you have the credit score and/or disposable income to do it. It is absolutely not going to be for everyone. If you don't have a great credit score, however, and/or are unable to pony up a couple grand in cash then this is sure seems like a good way to get the long gun you want – and that's assuming of course it's a Daniel Defense rifle that suits you best in the first place.

Daniel Defense Mk12

For those who might have questions I have failed to answer or anticipate (those that can't be answered by reading the terms of the loan agreement posted online I mean), let us know in the comments below. DD has advised their CFO would be happy to talk to me and answer additional questions or concerns. I've also asked them to have a customer service or marketing representative keep an eye on the comments and weigh in when possible.

Learn more at, at, on Twitter (@DanielDefense) or by subscribing to their YouTube channel.

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