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Daniel Defense DDM4v11

SHOT Show 2015 has kept us busy telling you about all the new fancy shiny-awesome gadgets and toys coming to market.  (One might also say tools, depending on how you look at it). One of those is the new Daniel Defense DDM4v11 Pro Series Rifle. According to Daniel Defense, when the V11 series was released this past summer they couldn’t keep them on the shelves. When they saw the customers reaction, brainstorming began on how they could expand the model to bring greater numbers (perhaps with some different options) to the table.

The release of the DDM4v11 is the end result of that brainstorming. Built around an 18-inch barrel, this precision rifle has the desired elements for a 3-gun stage or similar recreational shooting. The rifle features a rifle length gas system, GEN II Muzzle Climb Mitigator, lightweight SLiM Rail 15.0, Geissele SD-3G competition trigger and an upgraded charging handle.




If you did not get a chance to check out Daniel Defense’s new rifle at their booth this last week at SHOT, check them out on their website or Facebook for more pictures and information.


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