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Daylight’s End: post-apocalyptic urban brawl

This looks to be an interesting post-apocalyptic zombie type film. Daylight's End is the name of it. You may recognize some of the actors from the tactical training scene.   Looks like some decent weapons manipulation – good enough that even those of you who are tired of the angry zombie movie movement might give it a watch.Daylight's End is directed by William Kaufman, starting Lance Henriksen, Johnny Strong, Mark Hanson, Anderson Silva (yes that Anderson Silva) and others. More details (and a review, if I can get a copy to screen) to follow.

Watch the preview below.

Daylights End 3

Daylights End 1

Daylights End 4

Daylights End CastWatch the trailer here. More on the movie Facebook page here. Official website here.



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