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Discretion, Concealment: DIVERSION

DIVERSION is the Blackhawk concealment line designed for those who need to transport or operate with firearms and other equipment in the lowest possible profile. Currently consisting of 8 pieces and counting, the Diversion line features everything from a slingpack to a workout bag to an actual backpack: the newest piece is the Diversion Carry Board Pack which is stylistically based on a skateboard pack. It has a muzzle retainer, retention strap and padded divider to provide secure and discreet  folding and short barreled rifle carriage (or AR platform with the upper and lower receivers split).

Construction varies with each piece, of course. The gym bag is built of 420 denier velocity nylon and features wide swathes of loop section in numerous pockets and hidden panels, while courier bag is made of 500d nylon with dual access pockets and the backpack features mesh pockets, zippered access and internal loop panels – there are enough unique features to warrant a look at each individual piece, which you can do here.

Colors include variations and combinations of black, red, blue, gray, green, tan and white.

Want a better look at them? Watch this video where Chris talks about how and why they ‘decreased' the visibility of their products even past the lower profile kit they had already been making.

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