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Diver Finds Cache of Guns in River

We’ve all heard the jokes about losing all your guns in a boating accident, but in this case it may actually be true–or not, since this stash was found under a river bridge earlier today.

Jeremy from the YouTube channel Exploring with the Nug was checking out a new treasure hunting spot on the Etowah River in Cartersville, Georgia when he came across this corroded cache.

All told five firearms (at least they used to be firearms) were recovered. For sure a double-barreled shotgun and a pump gun were among the haul. The other three we couldn’t immediately identify.

As you can see from the photo below, all the wood rotted off and certainly the barrels and receivers had seen better days.

Due to the number of firearms found, all in similar condition, it’s likely that these were purposely dumped. Jeremy called law enforcement and the guns were picked up. However, so long as they can’t be linked to any crime (we see this as unlikely simply because the serial numbers are probably too corroded to be read) the police told him they would be returned.
Though we doubt these can be brought back into working order, it definitely looks like an eventful day happened on the river! They’ll be hitting the water again early next week to see if more can be recovered.

Watch the full video below:

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