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Drive fast, Pummel savagely, shoot a lot: Transporter Refueled

If you think that's a picture of a car jumping across the front of an airplane, you thought right. As you might imagine, there will be lots of guns involved. Most of them make cocking noises when you point them at someone. Not all of them of course. Some of them sound like the bolt dropping on an M4.

Transporter - Refueled 2

Transporter Refueled stars Ed Skrein (he was the first Daario Naharis in the Game of Thrones HBO series) as Frank Martin. A former member of a criminal gang in the UK, he was stabbed at 17 years of age and nearly died, subsequently getting his life in order and graduating Central Saint Martins (a college of London's University of the Arts).  He's also apparently a rapper, and will be playing the comic book villain known as Ajax (a failed supersoldier of the same Weapon X program that produced Wolverine, Sabretooth and Deadpool) in the forthcoming movie Deadpool.


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