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Dueck Defense RBU: Red Dot Back Up Sight Base

There are a several complaints people have made about mounting Trijicon RMR's on handguns. Firstly, getting the work done to inset the optic can be costly, and the results are permanent. Custom slides had be had at an even higher cost. On the beer-money end there are a handful of dovetail options out there, but you eliminate the ability to run backup iron sights (BUIS) in the event the red dot fails (thus those solutions normally sit in the realm of gun gaming). Dueck Defense, maker of the popular RTS (Rapid Transition Sights) just released an option that addresses these complaints. It not only doesn't require permanent modification to the host pistol, but also comes equipped with BUIS.

They call it the RBU. That is, Red Dot Back Up Sight Base
Here's what they have to say about it:

Red Dot mounting platform with integrated sights for your pistol. “I designed the RBU as a simple no gunsmithing sight base to eliminate lost dots when aiming. Just align the fixed iron sights and your red dot is visible. It’s simple and it works.” Made in the USA.

• CNC Machined in the USA from US Mill certified bar stock
• Nitride coated giving a super hard matte black surface finish that is highly corrosion resistant even in salt water environments
• Uses factory rear sight dovetail. No modification to your gun
• Optimal mounting height to clear Suppressors
• Compatible with most open top and red dot tactical holsters


Yes, it's going to sit higher than an inset RMR, and no, it doesn't look like you can adjust those short radius sights–it does look like a big red Easy Button though.

For more information, you can visit Dueck Defense online here, or give them a follow on Facebook or Instagram.

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