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The new DVC Series by STI

STI has introduced two new competition pistols named for the motto of IPSC; Diligencia Vis Celeritas. That's Latin for Accuracy, Power, Speed.  The pistols are based on the 2011 design with a wider than standard frame and a full length dust cover.  A  number of components come together as a package to make these purpose built competition guns including a 2-2.5lb. trigger and precision fit 5 in. bull barrels that are Titanium Nitride Coated.

DVC Limited profile right website

Limited Division model available in 9mm or .40

The Limited division model is available in 9mm or .40.  The Open Division model is available in 9mm (tuned for major loads) or .38 Super.  Both pistols come with two 140mm length magazines.  MSRP on the Limited model is $2799.00, and on the Open model it's the particularly affordable, low low price of $3699.00 – what is it they say? “You get what you pay for……?”

For more information visit STI's website.


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