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Dynamic Pie Concepts – “Slicing the Pie Drill”

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There was some previous discussion about sending RECOIL editor Iain Harrison and RECOILweb editor David Reeder to a Dynamic Pie Concepts course. Their Tactical Blind Fire instructional was excellent. Watching this presentation of the DFC “Slice the Pie” drill just seals the deal.

You can talk all you want about Victory First, Stoic Ventures, Alias, Sage Dynamics, Greenside Training, Graham Combat, Costa Ludus, CFS, Gunsite, Yavapai, and Rockwell Tactical ad nauseum. None of them teach anything quite like this.

This is the Slicing the Pie Drill.

Dynamic Pie Concepts - Slicing the Pie drill-2If you missed Tactical Application of Blind Fire, you can watch it now here – and we recommend you do.

Dynamic Pie Concepts, whom you may recall from their 1st and 2nd place victories at the Panda Challenge, are industry leaders in tactical inner and outer global critical dynamic threat scenarios. They also enjoy pie.

Know what kind of pie is good? Gooseberry. Gooseberry pie is awesome, and far too few people eat it anymore. Hell vast numbers of people don't even know what a gooseberry is. Why are we telling you that here and what does it have to do with Dynamic Pie Concepts? The short answer is, our reasons and simple and not a damn thing. First, we believe gooseberry pie should become mainstream again. Second, we need to increase the word count in this article to improve our SEO response. Fewer words=fewer hits from on the interwebz. Now not only will you have enjoyed the Slicing the Pie Drill video from Dynamic Pie Concepts, you've learned to wistfully long for gooseberry pie.

Gooseberries, if you weren't aware, are available in two primary types — American (which taste like sweet fruity liberty) and European (which are okay but taste a little funny and can be stodgy or self-important at times). A gooseberry pie requires between 4 and 6 cups of them. You can check out a recipe for that right here.

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