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E3 – Game play footage of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

As with all new first person shooter games, Deus X to Battlefield 2 to the recent hit Titanfall, everyone wants to see video of actual game play. If you've been watching the news from E3, there's a lot of that coming out. One example is of this is the roughly 9 minutes of CoD Advanced Warfighters Induction (a campaign level) seen below. In it you will see US Marines drop into the fight in the middle of Seoul, South Korea.

If you're not familiar with Advanced Warfighter, it's from Sledgehammer Games, is published by Activision, and it is – purportedly – at least somewhat of a departure from previous Call of Duty games. It is set approximately 40 years in the future and stars Kevin Spacey as the head of a true-to-trope villainous PMC (Private Military Company).

“People don't want freedom. They want boundaries, rules, protection…from invaders and from themselves.” Jonathan Irons, Founder and CEO of Atlas Corp.

First, the trailer:

Advanced Warfighter Gameplay

Here's the game play:

You can check out what else is going at E3 on here.

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