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Real-Life Every Day Carry

The first thing you should note is that there aren’t any toy tops or spinners here. There also aren’t any beard combs, intricately ornate brass knuckles, or shot clocks. Or at least if any of the professionals featured in this piece actually carries one of those, they had enough sense to not include it — it’s like they don’t even know how to Instagram properly.

Today we bring you some names you may recognize from across the firearms industry. Their backgrounds range from U.S. Army sniper to attorney, from law enforcement to competitive shooter. Despite these divergent life experiences and careers, there’s an amazing amount of consistency regarding what they carry on their person. And no, this isn’t yet-another gaggle of Glocks.

We implore you to explore what each carries, their rationales behind each item, and learn a bit about their mindsets.

Steve Aryan

Steve Aryan

GreyFox Industries
Four years full-time security, six years part-time; two years of contract work in Africa (former director of training for the U.S. Shooting Academy)

tulster holster

EDC Items:
> Glock 19, SSVI trigger
> Tulster Profile Holster
> Tulster Echo Mag Carrier
> Klarus ST11 light
> Hardcore Hardware MILF folder

Philosophy on EDC items:
Glock 19 for its size, weight, capacity, and proven track record. Tulster Profile Holster appendix carry inside-the-waistband holster for concealability. Tulster Echo Mag Carrier to keep my Magpul 17-round mag concealed and secured. Klarus ST11 light for its simple operation and high-lumen output. I also carry the Klarus ED1C for a smaller footprint. Hardcore Hardware MILF knife. Not the lightest but very durable.

I carry as practically as I can. My road trip gear might differ slightly from my at-home gear in regards to size of flashlights and pocketknives, although the placement of these items on me is the same. While conducting training on the road I keep a small fanny pack from First Spear loaded with five extra Glock mags, two tourniquets, and two extra CR123s in the driver-side door. There’s also a full medical kit behind my driver-side rear seat.

Chris Cerino


Cerino Consulting and Training Group Field host for Guns and Gear TV
Director of Training
Military/LE Experience:
25 years law enforcement (municipal, county, state, and federal)
Highest military/LEO rank:
Training manager
Survival/emergency preparedness background:
Years of law enforcement, tactical operations, training, and the absolute refusal to be a victim are all I have. Of course, being a scoutmaster for a Boy Scout troop for a dozen years helps too.

springfield xd crimson trace

EDC Items:
> Springfield XDS9 4.0, I carry it with the 7- and 9-round magazines. Generally with the 7-rounder inserted with a Pierce grip extension. It’s loaded with DoubleTap 77-grain loads. 1,600 fps from a 4-inch barrel and easy to manage. A Crimson Trace white light and green laser, Laser Guard Pro makes it a day or night package.
> My spare magazine has DoubleTap’s 165-grain equalizer loads. Dual projectile ammo that separates 2 inches at 7 yards and penetrates 15 inches.
> My holster varies from home-made to Blade Tech. But I almost always carry at high noon due to my days as an undercover federal officer.
> I almost always carry a flashlight. A small Streamlight Microstream is my usual. It’s not just for seeing menus in dark restaurants; it can save your ass when trying to navigate in the dark. It runs on AAA batteries, so, just like my 9mm, it’s easy to find food for it.
> My latest favorite knife has been my Microtech Ultratech with 3.5-inch combo edge blade. Open assist knives are great, but autos are better.

Philosophy on EDC items:
Since the first time I shot a Springfield XDS I was hooked. Not just a CCW pistol, it’s easy to shoot and just the size I’m comfortable concealing. I put a lot of rounds through it. I carry a spare magazine because you can’t have too much ammo, and single-stack guns get empty fast.

As a fed, I carried a full-size double-stack for as many as 20 hours a day all over the world. I carry how I want now, and I don’t necessarily recommend it for the unskilled.

The flashlight is extra, and you could just use your iPhone, so having a small flashlight keeps me from being lazy and using the phone. If something is easy to carry you’re not likely to leave it at home.

If you can’t take a gun with you, at a minimum you need a knife and the will to survive. I’ve always got a knife — sometimes two for good measure.

The world is full of jerks these days, and people just can’t seem to be nice. I absolutely refuse to be a victim, and I refuse to allow my family or anyone near me to be victimized. So I travel with a prepared mind and reliable equipment. Find a gun you’ll carry all the time. Who gives a sh*t about caliber? When you need a gun, any one will do. Keep in mind that if you need a gun and it’s not on you or in your hand already, you’re screwed! Keep your mind and your gun on.

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