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EOtech Launches Vudu 1-10x FFP

EOtech Inc officially announced their latest in the Vudu line: a first focal plane 1-10x.

EOTech Vudu 1-10x

Here's what they have to say about it:

The new Vudu 1-10x28mm first focal plane riflescope provides uncompromising targeting from extremely close to long range. The 1-10x offers a robust 34mm, one-piece aircraft aluminum tube and single-piece eyepiece that includes a removable throw-lever for fast changes in magnification. The low-profile elevation turret includes a push/pull locking system and a capped windage turret for a secure zero. The illuminated, glass-etched reticle and first focal plane design allows for distance estimation at any magnification and lighting condition.

The Vudu 1-10x will initially be offered with three different reticles: SR-4, SR-5, and LE-5. The classic EOtech circle-dot outer ring disappears at magnification beyond 6x.
EOTech Vudu 1-10x reticles

EOTech Vudu 1-10x

Further specifications include:

Overall Length 10.63″ (270 mm)
Weight 21.3 oz (603 g)
Magnification 1-10X
Tube Diameter 34 mm
Objective Diameter 28 mm
Power Source CR2032
Eye Relief
1X: 3.27-3.90″ (83-99 mm)
10X: 3.35-3.62″ (85-92 mm)
Field-of-View @ 100 Yards
1X: 116.6 ft (35.5 m)
10X: 11.7 ft (3.6 m)

For more information, visit EOtech online here

2 responses to “EOtech Launches Vudu 1-10x FFP”

  1. want says:

    Gib. How much

  2. Andrew says:

    The gem of the Vudu line, in my opinion, is the EOTech reticle which I felt they dropped the ball on with the 1-8x. I’m glad to see they returned to it with the 1-10x line.

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