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EOTech Magnifier: Force Multipliers

There’s nothing faster or more reflexive than placing a floating reticle on a target and mashing the trigger like your life depends on it. Speed and accuracy win close-quarter fights and a holographic weapon sight (HWS) provides that in spades.

Much beyond 100 yards, our eyes need a little help to positively identify targets and optimally place that reticle prior to pressing the trigger. The proper supplemental tool for the job is an inline magnifier that snaps in behind your HWS or red-dot sight, greatly increasing your precision and effective range.  

EOTech Magnifier

Arguably, the best magnifier available has been EOTECH’s G33 thanks to exceptionally clear glass, a generous eye box, long eye relief, and an adjustable diopter for precise focus adjustment. When positioned properly, no other magnifier provides a clearer, more unobstructed, scope-like view than the G33 EOTech Magnifier. Add a rubber armored housing and rugged construction and you’ve got a magnifier that’ll perform in the harshest field conditions, deployment after deployment, call after call.


Let’s face it, rifles and carbines are becoming more compact, while their capabilities and effective range continue to increase thanks to better bullets. To match this growing trend, EOTECH looked at the performance of its G33 and miniaturized the entire package. The result is the all-new G43 compact 3x EOTech magnifier.

G43 EOTech Magnifier

Lightweight and stubby, the G43 EOTech Magnifier takes up half the rail estate of legacy magnifiers yet meets or exceeds their performance in every way. With the G43 in place, we were able to rapidly engage close-range targets, and then flip the G43 in-line and repeatedly ping 2 MOA-sized steel at 300 yards on demand. All with a gun that will fit in a backpack. If you’re looking for the smallest, lightest 3-power magnifier to complement your equally compact carbine, look no further than the G43. 


The most popular in-line magnifiers offer 3-power magnification, which has traditionally been the sweet spot in size, weight, and eye relief for your do-it-all carbine. If more magnification was needed, most shooters would bump to a low power variable optic (LPVO) in the 1-4x or 1-6x power range. With that bump comes increased size, complication, cost, and most importantly, weight. 

Most LPVO’s are used as big, heavy red-dot optics; spending the majority of their lives at either 1-power or max power. LPVO’s many drawbacks have been accepted, because other alternatives haven’t existed, until now. 

The new G45 is an extended range game-changer and offers 5x magnification in the same footprint and nearly the same weight as the legacy G33. Pairing the G45 with a 1-power optic saves you an incredible amount of weight — almost a full pound in many cases — when compared to a LPVO in a cantilever mount, yet provides 95 percent of the capability.

EOTech Magnifiers
Left: G43, Right: G45 EOTech Magnifier

Reaching out and touching targets at 500 yards didn’t prove much of a problem. Holding over without stadia lines as a reference was the most challenging part at that distance. Dealing with about 50 inches of drop, I essentially held two-thirds of a man above the silhouette target to make center of mass hits, which was quick to do and didn’t require memorizing holds in MIL’s or MOA, or twisting turrets. After I got my drops down, the G45 proved to be a more simple, easier-to-use optic than an LPVO — out to 500 yards with minimal wind. 

If you’re looking to add capability and precision, while maintaining simplicity and light weight, the G45 5x magnifier is the magnifier you’ll want on your midrange carbine.


Every EOTECH magnifier comes equipped with a throw-lever mount that is quick to take on and off. The mount also offers a flip-to-the-side function, allowing you to rotate it into and out of use as needed. Leave the magnifier flipped to the side and out of the way for home defense duty or for engaging closer range targets. If distances extend, or you need to make a precise shot, simply bump the magnifier in-line with your primary optic and go. An included 7mm riser will help optimize the height of the magnifier, matching the height of your optic; whether it’s positioned at an absolute co-witness height (EOTECH XPS) or lower one-third co-witness (EOTECH EXPS). 

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