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Event: The Gathering for Army and Marine Corps Snipers

Are you an Army or Marine Corps sniper? Have you ever served in a sniper billet? Then make your way to Denver, Colorado this August and join the camaraderie with brothers cut from the same cloth.

Never before have the Marine and Army sniper communities come together in such a fashion. The Gathering will serve to unite these associations and pave the way for an enhanced relationship, and a more lethal fighting force. This first-ever event will be held in Denver, Colorado, August 2-4, 2019.

Snipers moving through the wood line hoping to remain undetected during the graded stalk portion of the sniper course

Frank Galli, US Marine Corps Scout Sniper and the founder of Sniper's Hide, will host the USMC Scout Sniper Association and Army Sniper Association for a weekend that'll leave marks in the history books for the sniper community.

“The Gathering is about giving back to the community from where I started. Without my USMC service and the Scout Sniper community, my last 20 years would be very different,” said Galli. “It’s a simple thing to open the gate to the range for a few days, the Sniper organizations are doing the heavy lifting. So anything I can contribute is just to support their efforts and give back with my thanks.”

Bring your rifle and ammo so you can hone your skills on the range through shooting clinics run by industry professionals and test your skill in competition. More details about the shooting clinics will be released closer to the event date. As with most matches, there will be prizes, and The Gathering's prize table will be built from generous sponsor donations.

For details on the hotel, venue and range visit the event page at:

To learn more about the associations visit their websites at:

This event is being brought to you through the generosity of these awesome sponsors:
Fims Firearms
Sniper's Hide, LLC
OSOK Apparel Co.
Bravo 4 Actual
Gorilla Ammunition

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