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It's Not Always Ideal

We admit this column seems derivative at times. “Everyone has a dick and a Glock 19” is the general rule of published EDC loadouts across America. While today we’re once again highlighting some firearms industry professionals, not all of them have the legal ability to cart around a firearm everywhere they go. For those living in these CCW deserts, what you carry every day is still of great importance. Perhaps you live under similar legal encumbrances — if you do we’d love to hear how you deal with it for yourself.

Of course and as usual, we have assorted backgrounds in play, along with dissimilar body shapes and sizes. Whether you’re hobbit-height like Alexander Crown or a Kryptek-covered beast like Jim Erwin, we’re positive you’ll find some wisdom in their choices that’ll apply to your situation.

Alexander Crown

alexander crown

Organization: Gemtech
Position: Marketing Director
Military/LE Experience: U.S. Army Airborne Infantry
Highest military/LEO rank: Sergeant

EDC Items:
>Browning Hi Power Ted Yost
>Custom SRT w/Spare Mag
>SpyderCo Endura 4
>Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA
>Omega Speedmaster

browning hi power

Philosophy on EDC items:
I like to carry this Hi Power when an event calls for something a little fancier than a Glock 19. Ted Yost is renowned for his craftsmanship on 1911s and his work on Hi Powers is equally phenomenal. Every piece is honed and crafted for reliability and accuracy. The VZ Grips add a modern touch.

The Spyderco Endura 4 has been around for a long time. I find it to be a great blend of affordability, blade size/design, and thickness, which makes it ideal for EDC.

The Streamlight ProTac series is another proven line. The updated models that can take either CR123 or AA give me some peace of mind, I won’t have to search for a CR123 in the event of a dead battery. Plus if I lose it, it doesn’t break the bank.

The Omega Speedmaster is a timeless watch that doesn’t scream tactical. Mine is the reduced model so it fits better on my small wrist. The chronograph can be very handy in the event that my cell phone isn’t working. A mechanical watch requires no batteries and can keep excellent time, as long as you continue to wear it regularly.

I carry a bandanna in my back pocket every day. We all know the variety of uses — both everyday normal stuff like wiping snot off my daughter’s nose to combining this with a flashlight for a makeshift tourniquet. I choose bright colors to help with visual cues in the event of an emergency.

I like to be prepared in my day-to-day activities without having everyone I encounter know that I’m armed. I rarely wear firearms-related clothing and try to dress to not attract anyone’s attention. The items I carry are secondary to my knowledge, proficiency, and attitude.

Jim “The Kracken” Erwin


Organization: Team Kraken
Position: Head Firearms Trainer
Military/LE Experience: 11 years Army Special Operations
Highest military/LEO rank: Staff Sergeant
Survival/emergency preparedness background: Over the past 25-plus years, serving in the military, protecting people all over the world, and firearms training

 EDC Items:
>Glock 19
>Benchmade barrage
>Challenge coin

glock 19 edc

Philosophy on EDC items:
I have several pistols in different calibers and brands. The one I tend to carry the most is my G19 built by MCM Firearms with a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. I’ve found that as I get older, my eyes pick up the red-dot quicker than traditional iron sights. Don’t get me wrong, I still use and train with iron sights. I’ve just chosen to use this setup for everyday carry. I believe being able to use both red-dot and iron sights is a good skillset to have.

I chose not to show a holster. I use several brands, and different configurations; I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to holsters, and I’m always trying out new ones. I bounce back and forth from waist carry to appendix carry, depending on what I’m doing on particular day. Once I choose, I practice some draws from that configuration to put it to memory for the day.

I’ve been carrying a Benchmade knife since 1997 and managed to collect several along the way. This is my latest one, the Barrage with G10 grips. It’s always handy to have a knife. Next to that I carry a Sharpie. Why? In celebrity protection, they get asked for autographs quite a bit, so I always have one on hand. It also is a great escalation of force tool. Blunt and sturdy — when applied to the correct locations, it’s a solid attitude adjuster.

The wallet was a gift from my friends at Freedom Hill Gear and in my favorite color, Kryptek.

Inside the wallet is the hostage escape card from The guys over there are Special Operations veterans and know their sh*t. They have all kinds of awesome gear for every day carry and survival. They designed the tourniquet I carry as well. A tourniquet is a small, easy-to-carry life-saving piece of equipment and worth its weight in gold in a nasty situation

Challenge coin: So I don’t get caught holding the bar tab when I’m on the road.

I love watches. You can use a watch as a fast way to get money all around the world. If you’re low on funds and need to get out of dodge, sell it. I never want to be light, late, or out of uniform. A good watch helps ensure I’m at least on time. Digital: Rockwell Coliseum in Kryptek Typhon. Mechanical: Rockwell 50MM Round.

Flashlight by Inforce: It’s light, durable, and stupid bright. If I lose it, I’m not going to need a loan to get another one. A flashlight is priceless in the protection business and easily used as a weapon to temporarily blind someone or to identify a potential threat in a low-light situation.

I’ve found survival and emergency preparedness to be a mindset and lifestyle. You choose how you leave your house everyday and the tools you take with you. I wear a smile and am courteous to everyone I meet, but this doesn’t mean I’m not ready for bad things to happen and prepared to defend and protect myself as well as those around me.

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