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Rather than having instructors, professional competitors, and industry names and personalities gracing the pages of this column, we decided to go another direction: To you, dear reader. Not only were the EDC setups becoming eerily similar, offering little value or variety, but many of the firearms professionals work in fairly open environments involving firearms. From this point forward, we’ll feature “regular” (for lack of a better term) men and women and what they carry.

Ultimately, this will not only show more diversity of items, if for no other reason than differing work environments, but also give you some insights into items you may or may not be considering for yourself. From a commercial roofer to a retiree, we think you’ll enjoy this column. Also, in the future your own EDC could be featured. More details on that later.

Jon Hawker

jon hawker

Rancher/farmer and commercial roofing contractor

Current job title

Describe your current working environment
I work outdoors all day, and am constantly exposed to the weird Ohio weather extremes. I perform a lot of heavy lifting and manual labor.

How does your work environment affect your EDC?
My gear has to be extremely tough and durable; it’s going to get wet, muddy, frozen, dropped, stepped on, etc. It has to work when I need it to.


m&p 360 revolver
Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses with polarized lenses
This in my number-one tool; I don’t go anywhere or do anything without them. Eye protection is very important to me. I work on white roofs that are extremely bright and reflective. These not only provide superior protection from the sun, but they’re also excellent safety glasses to protect my eyes from flying debris.

Strider SMF
Why carry a fixed blade when this hard-core beast fits in your pocket? Whether I’m using it for batoning firewood or processing game on the trail during my weekend horseback riding adventures; or chipping concrete, making starter holes in sheetmetal, cutting strapping and insulation on the job site; or cutting feedbags and round bale netting at the farm, this knife is my second hand and it would be impossible for me to perform my daily tasks without it.

S&W M&P 360, DeSantis OWB speed scabbard
I sacrifice capacity in the name of size and comfort, but I still have the power of a 357 Magnum for self-defense. I’m climbing on/off ladders, machinery, and horseback all day long — IWB isn’t a viable option for me. Throw this little combo on my belt and cover with a loose shirt, and it comfortably disappears.

Lenslight Mini Ti
Very bright and compact. It gets used for chasing roof leaks in dark attics and ceilings during the day, to checking on livestock and spotlighting coyotes across a 20-acre field at night. This little light really gets the job done.

G-Shock Rangeman
I love my Swiss timepieces, but when I’m heading out the door for work the Rangeman is on my wrist. This is one tough watch that can take a serious beating and has the useful ability to give the temperature and barometric pressure readings for work and farming, plus a compass and altimeter for on the trail, and it keeps perfect time without ever needing adjustment.

Explain your personal everyday-carry philosophy
The most important tool for self-defense is our brains. Always be aware of your surroundings and situation. Practice and be proficient with whatever tools you’re carrying.

Kris Southards


Federal Bureau of Prisons (Retired)

How does your work environment affect your EDC?
Essentially it allows me a greater freedom of choice, because of where I have retired. The threat level from members of the community is so low as to be nonexistent. The threat from outside bad actors has also been proven to be minimal.


I carry the SIG because it’s accurate, dependable, and fits my hand.

Benchmade AFO II
The Benchmade has proven to be rugged and dependable, with the assisted opening making it one-hand accessible.

Boker Plus FC-2 Flashlight
The Boker light, despite its slim profile, puts out a lot of light and is easy to operate.

C.B. Kydex custom holster and magazine pouch
The C.B. Kydex holster and magazine pouch fit close and provide good retention.

Explain your personal everyday-carry philosophy
I was 7 the first time I went shooting with my father. It was from him I learned you never venture out without at least a pocketknife, matches, and a handkerchief. Perhaps most importantly, he taught me to never draw your weapon unless you intend to use it.

While much has changed in the ensuing 58 years, I still always carry a knife and have easy access to light, fire, and bandannas. I carry my SIG when my assessment of where I’m going and what I’m doing warrants that it’s necessary. I’ve never in my life, whether on or off duty, had to draw my firearm. While I fervently hope that this remains the case, I am prepared if fate has other plans.

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