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Ryan Cleckner

ryan cleckner

Attorney, author, entrepreneur

Current job title
Founder/president of Mayday Safety

Describe your current working environment
Mostly desk-jockey with some range time

How does your work environment affect your EDC?
Thankfully, I work in the firearms industry and firearms are not an issue for my work.


cleckner edc

List and explain each of your EDC items
SIG SAUER P365 with Barnes 115-grain TAC-XPD
The P365 is the perfect blend for me of size, shoot-ability, and capacity. With a backup mag, I can carry 25 rounds of 9mm in a micro-sized handgun that I competently shoot. I carry it either appendix or ankle carry.

Benchmade 941-2
This is my fourth Benchmade 940 series knife (the previous three have been “lost” with the help of TSA during travel). The design and quality of this knife is a no-brainer for me — it’s small enough for everyday, the Axis lock give me way more confidence than a liner lock, and it’s big enough for every use I’ve needed so far.

Streamlight ProTac 1AAA
This little light is new to my everyday carry and I love it — super small and bright enough for everyday work on a single AAA battery.

iPhone w/Mayday Safety App
Even when I can’t carry my SIG or my Benchmade, I have the Mayday app to notify those around me, my family, and any organization I’m a part of — worldwide — with my exact location.

Ranger Coin
Those who are/were in Ranger Battalions have a standing rule: Challenge someone and if they forgot their coin, they owe you a beer. I like free beer.

Explain your personal everyday-carry philosophy
My first responsibility is to keep me and my loved ones safe — it’s not to get into a gunfight. Situational awareness and avoiding bad situations goes a long way. Be smart, be aware, and if violence is needed as a last resort, be swift.

Brady Pesola

brady pesola

Personal protection/wilderness survival instructor

Describe your current working environment
Currently working in the executive protection industry.

How does your work environment affect your EDC?
Down here in California, our laws vary greatly than those in other states. Especially our gun laws, so it makes it difficult for people to be able to defend themselves and be prepared. However, there’s more to an EDC and being prepared than just having a gun. I won’t say what my full-time job is for my own protection, and I don’t always carry a gun for obvious reasons. I do, however, teach wilderness survival and direct an outdoor nonprofit where we find ourselves in areas where a gun is permissible and very handy to have around, but when in certain situations this is the EDC I carry most of the time.


pesola edc

List and explain each of your EDC items
Spyderco Endura with Emerson wave
I like the double-beveled edge, lightweight grip, and wave for quick one-handed opening.

SOG multitool
Always have a multitool in your kit. Can be heavy to carry in pockets, so I carry my Gerber Crucial. Both are handy to have when you need a good set of pliers.

LumaForce Tac light
Has an aggressive bezel for self-defense, super bright, and heavy enough to cause damage, but light enough to carry.

Glock 19
Great weapon for both conceal and open carry. Trusty, reliable, and I know how to shoot it very, very well.

OC spray
If you’ve ever been hit with it you know why it’s effective. In times where you just can use a gun, this does a great job and getting the results you want in compliance.

Explain your personal everyday-carry philosophy
My philosophy is looking at logical problems that may arise, God forbid the worst happens. The gear I carry is to ensure the survival of both myself and the client. One should always have a few basics on their person; the rest close at hand in a gray-man bag.

Don Nelson

don nelson

Retired aerospace engineer, former Marine officer

Current environment
National forests and grasslands, wilderness areas, mountains, deserts, trails, streams, towns and cities

Describe your current working environment
My EDC pretty much covers the stuff that needs regular doing, plus most foreseeable defense. (In grizzly country the .45 is replaced by a 10mm, and a rifle is kept handy.)

nelson edc

List and explain each of your EDC items
Dan Wesson V-Bob .45ACP
I’ve been a 1911 guy for 50 years, and this is the best quality example I’ve owned or shot. This one has well over 20,000 rounds through it and looks like it’ll easily outlast me.

High Noon Topless in horsehide
Like everyone, I’ve got a box of holsters that didn’t work. This particular holster has been on my belt for the last seven or eight years. It’s durable, secure, fast, and pulls in tight at 3 o’clock.

SureFire Titan
Tiny, reliable, doesn’t make anyone ask if I’m happy to see them when in a front pocket.

Withings Activité Pop
This is new. It’s a smartwatch that talks to a phone app. It also tells time. The jury’s still out.

Victorinox Swiss Army
Found on the street, it replaced a Buck 110 and a Leatherman multitool. If I need more, there are tools in the truck.

Explain your personal everyday-carry philosophy
My EDC philosophy is to only carry what I actually use. The pistol is the exception, though it’s been used a couple of times to chase off predators (four-legged) that were eyeing my dog. Here in South Dakota and the surrounding states open carry is legal, so the depth of concealment isn’t critical. Even so, a 1911 is pretty thin and hides nicely.

Samantha Smitchko

samantha dawn smitchko

Marketing at Cutting Edge Bullets

Current job title
Chief Marketing Officer

Describe your current working environment
My work environment ranges from sitting at a desk, to flying across the country for trade shows, to being out on the range.

How does your work environment affect your EDC?
I have to be mindful of the CCW laws everywhere I go. If I’m traveling, I always review the reciprocity laws are, and if I can, I take my pistol. If not, I always have my knife on me no matter what.

smitchko edc

List and explain each of your EDC items
My SIG P938 is a great go-to CCW piece no matter where I’m going. It’s small, so it’s easier to conceal, but still comfortable to shoot. I also really like the weight of it; it’s light enough to carry, but heavy enough to keep the recoil low.

SIG SAUER extended mag
I use the extended mag in my P938, because it makes it significantly more comfortable to grip. Most people would agree that the P938 or P238 are rather uncomfortable to handle because of how compact they are. The extended mag really helps in this area.

Guardian Tactical Helix Nano pocket knife
Guardian Tactical OTF knife
I always have my Guardian Tactical Helix Nano or my Guardian Tactical OTF blade on me no matter where I’m at or what I’m doing. I love this company because they produce high-quality blades that conceal easily, which is helpful as a female since our clothes tend to me more fitted. They’re all also made in the USA, which is extremely important to me.

CEB PHD ammo
I believe good quality ammo with maximum stopping power is essential in a CCW pistol, especially in smaller calibers such as .380 and 9mm. The CEB PHD ammo is loaded with monolithic bullets designed to shed four blades after 1 to 2 inches, while the base continues. In addition, they’re a lot lighter than your average bullet, so the recoil is significantly reduced.

Explain your personal everyday-carry philosophy
I want everything I carry on a daily basis to be as compact and concealable as possible while still being extremely effective.

Daniel Vu

daniel vu

Online writing

Current job title
Content writer

Describe your current working environment
I work at home or any place that has Internet access writing articles or editing other people’s articles.

How does your work environment affect your EDC?
I have the freedom of choice since I’m not working in an office environment for the time being. Threats and hazards are at an absolute minimum, as I live in a relatively safe neighborhood.

vu edc

List and explain each of your EDC items
M&P Shield
It’s compact and functional in my personal opinion and easy to conceal when carrying in appendix.

G-Code INCOG holster
It’s comfortable and provides a snug fit for the M&P Shield, along with an extra magazine.

TRS Survival Knife
This knife isn’t only very sharp, but it’s also compact and can be used for everyday activities like fishing and eating. The knife holster provides good retention and can be strapped onto any pants I’m wearing.

Uniball Pen
This specific pen lasts really long, and allows me to write well unlike other pens that are difficult to write with.

Memo Notepad
I have multiple tasks to deal with throughout the day and writing them down on a compact notepad helps.

Explain your personal everyday-carry philosophy
My everyday carry philosophy is simple. If I know I’m going into a dangerous environment, I’ll bring everything including my pistol and knife. If there’s little to no danger and I’m going on activities like fishing, then I leave the pistol at home.

Ron Warren

ron warren

Law enforcement

Current job title
Patrolman/firearms instructor

Describe your current working environment
I work for a small police department in rural North Central Pennsylvania. We serve a borough and two townships, which can involve anything from patrolling a remote single-lane road in the woods, to a major four-lane highway (and everything in-between).

How does your work environment affect your EDC?
Being a cop in a rural area is unique in that there’s no abundance of officers around. Even when I’m off-duty I carry the basics required to go back on duty if the need arises.

warren edc

List and explain each of your EDC items
iPhone 7
It’s my opinion that a reliable smartphone is a must-have tool. I’m not glued to social media or texting 24/7, but I recognize the importance of being able to communicate in an emergency. It’s usually stashed away in a back pocket and always protected by an Otter Box case.

Glock 19
Don’t get me wrong, I love this gun, but to be totally honest I’d prefer to carry a SIG P320 Carry. My duty gun is a Glock 17, and I have difficulty switching between the two brands without point-of-aim issues, so I compromise with the 19 for EDC. It’s reliable and has enough bullets that I don’t always need to carry a second magazine. It can be found in one of two Safariland paddle holsters depending on the situation. My preference is to have the SureFire light mounted when I can.

Benchmade Triage Auto Knife
I always have this in one of my front pockets. I upgraded from the original version that I carried and used for several years. It’s a strong, dependable knife that’s multifunction. I’ve used the glass-breaking spike twice on vehicle crashes to access victims and I use (and abuse) the blade almost daily. And no, the tip isn’t broken; it’s made that way.

Suunto Ambit Watch/GPS
This watch has been on my left wrist since my Army Medevac days in Helmand, Afghanistan (2012-2013). I bought it to serve as a watch and GPS at the time. I’ve used it to track and log combat missions, civilian medevac flights, hikes, runs, etc. Sometimes I even use it to tell the time.

Streamlight ProTac 1AA
This light is small, reliable, and bright. I like that it uses a AA battery. It’s always in my left front pocket.

Explain your personal everyday-carry philosophy
Coming from a rural community, there are a lot of people with the, “It won’t happen to me” attitude. It’s my belief that I better be part of the solution, not the problem, when “it” happens to me or in my presence. That’s why I carry the items I do. My biggest fear is that of standing by helplessly, because I was unprepared that day. Along with that, I think discreetness is paramount; open-carry is always a no-go for me unless I’m on duty.

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  • Eric J Etchison says:

    What is the process to be feature in Recoils Concealments Magazine EDC article. I am a 25 year Police Officer currently assigned as a detective and a valid FFL.

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  • What is the process to be feature in Recoils Concealments Magazine EDC article. I am a 25 year Police Officer currently assigned as a detective and a valid FFL.

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