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Everyman EDC: A Look at What Your Fellow Armed Citizens Carry

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Mark Busbee


Registered nurse (retired)

Current job title
Cattle rancher, timber grower, and firearms/tactics instructor

Describe your current working environment
Mostly outside — tending cattle, mowing, spraying, or teaching. I also spend about 8 to 10 hours a week driving between home and farm, etc.

How does your work environment affect EDC?
I dress for the weather, and in East Texas that goes from one extreme to the other. I occasionally carry OWB at 3 o’clock position, but primarily carry AIWB in a JM, T-Rex, or G-Code holster with an untucked shirt. I need to be able to sit for long periods and have good retention while climbing on and off tractors, etc.

Describe your carry items

Glock 19
Generally, a Glock and most often a G19 Gen 4 or 5 with or without RMR. This particular G19 has thousands of rounds downrange and sports a DIY stipple job, Overwatch Precision trigger, and AmeriGlo sights.

SureFire Tactician
SureFire or Streamlight. This one gets the most use and is quite bright. It’s carried support side pocket.

Rolex 50th anniversary Submariner
A gift from my wife and my everyday mainstay.

Benchmade Lum
I’m a knife fan and sometimes my carry blade changes from day to day. This Lum design is a good representation of the style I migrate toward. It’s typically carried in my strong side pocket.

This is the Shen-Chuan/CSAT Close Quarter Tool, affectionately known as the Hammer. It was developed by my martial arts instructor to be used for self-defense, weapon retention, and even compliance. Once trained to use it, it’s very intuitive. Due to its versatility, it has replaced my support-side fixed-blade knife.

Explain your everyday-carry philosophy
A few years ago, I decided to daily carry. I then committed to improve my tactics and shooting skills. I’m fortunate to live about half an hour from a top-tier training facility, Combat Shooting and Tactics (CSAT), and have immersed myself in its principles. I’m even more fortunate to be a part of the teaching cadre and to be an instructor in the Guardian training program. As a nurse, I’ve always tried to give back and now am able to do so by helping teachers learn marksmanship, tactics, target discrimination, how to care for the potential victims, and deal with the aftermath of a traumatic event.

Danny D’Angelo

URL: &

Business consultant/competition shooter

Current job title
Idea man/Target taper

Describe your current working environment
I work and live in two worlds. I vacillate between
my home office, venues where I conduct my live seminars, and the many shooting ranges where
I train and compete all over the U.S. with my daughter, Danyela.

How does your work environment affect EDC?
My office is a shooting range, more often than not. Cold ranges are common in the competition universe. Effectively, I am carrying in my truck or rental car, so I need items that can be stuffed in a locker or glovebox for the day. Ironically … when I’m consulting, air travel makes self-preservation instruments moot. Situational awareness and my mind become my best defensive weapons. A sturdy ballpoint and a “let’s roll” attitude rules.

Describe your carry items
Kahr MK9 Polished Stainless
I have never had my Kahrs fail to go bang. I also love the trigger on their carry guns. The length of pull is just right for the unwanted self-defense scenario.

Custom holster by We Plead the 2nd
Appendix carry. I have Bryan at We Plead the 2nd custom make my holsters. (You can’t find Kahr holsters on the drop-down menu.) He’s even cobbled together some fun items for my ELS competition belt, like a cigar tube holder. It’s a functional conversation piece.

Microtech Scarab
Microtech OTF knives snap out with the authority of an angry bus driver. The steel holds a great edge, because I mostly find myself opening boxes, not zombies.

Panerai Luminor Submersible
I’m a diver; you never know when you might need to go down. Every watch I own is both Swiss and automatic — you might say, the perfect blend between quality and convenience.

Solid silver Davidoff lighter and multi-tool cutter
I smoke cigars (I trust my doctor isn’t reading this). The Davidoff is famous for the “ting” that resonates when you open it. I like nice, heavy things while on my journey.

Gold coin/cash/a cheap “Vegas” money clip that my dad carried his whole life
I always carry $2 bills (they make for great tips, and most people don’t realize you can always order them at the bank). I keep a 1-ounce Gold Walking Liberty in my pocket — the ultimate SHTF barter item.

Explain your everyday-carry philosophy
As a competitive shooter, everything must work. My gun, knife, watch, and even currency has to work in any environment. If not, it’s just dead weight. I “carried” in the world’s finest Navy over 20 years ago. Now I “carry” as many as three guns at a time on the competition field. My everyday regimen may seem weak to some of the “operators” reading this. I do tend to hit exactly what I’m aiming at pretty quickly, but don’t hang high hopes on seeing my name in the paper, like “Man downs six armed assailants in dark alley.” I don’t find myself in any alleys these days. My personal attitude is that guns are tools. Just like everything in my pockets or strapped to my person, it had better work when I need it.

Monique Hawk

Law enforcement

Current job title
Peace officer

Describe your current working environment
I work frequently under the Southern California sun in heavily populated city, suburban, and beach areas.

How does your work environment affect EDC?
My uniform permits the addition of most of these items, which makes being a human go-bag easy. Law enforcement agencies stress the importance of staying prepared and encourage officers to carry more than required.

Describe your carry items
Glock 19
Reliable, durable, and compact. I threw some Trijicon Night Sights onto this trusty steed and fit its concealable body in my discreet DDT sling bag. I carry a Glock 17 on duty that allows for more familiarity with my G19, as well as use of the same magazines.

SureFire E2D Defender Ultra
Don’t let size fool you — this bad boy will light up your life with an impressive 1,000 lumens. Great for low-light areas and can double as an impact weapon.

SOG Zoom Knife
This knife is sturdy, sharp, and easy to carry with the clip — perfect for self-defense or cutting that second donut.

I could compile a whole other article about the versatile uses of paracord. From emergency tourniquets, to trail markers and dog leashes, this is a very useful addition.

Neutrogena 100 SPF
Fighting crime and UV rays. Skin cancer can be an unsuspecting killer, so I’m extremely proactive with my application. This brand absorbs well and won’t leave a residue that impedes grip or trigger pull.

Explain your everyday-carry philosophy
My fitness coach once said, “Fail to plan, or plan to fail.” This phrase truly resonated with me, and I’ve been applying it to all areas in my life (especially food). I always carry more than needed and am constantly formulating contingency plans. At the end of the day, I’m going home.

Brandy Parker

Customer service, mom

Current job title

Describe your current working environment
I work indoors and in direct contact with the public.

How does your work environment affect EDC?
I have the ability to open carry, which allows me the opportunity to carry my firearm and caliber of choice instead of having to make concessions to fit the outfit. As silly as that might sound, the struggle is real for us girls who want to wear feminine clothing and carry on body.

Describe your carry items
Dan Wesson ECO .45 ACP
I know there are a lot of naysayers out there when it comes to carrying a $1,500-plus firearm for defense — and then, of course, there’s the controversy of carrying a 1911. Add the fact that I chose 45 ACP into the mix, and I must look insane to the tactical-practical crowd. What can I say? I’m just an against-the-grain kind of girl. I have trained on the 1911 platform for over 25 years, and I value my life and my family’s life a heck of a lot more than a $1,500 setback should my firearm ever be confiscated after a defensive shooting. Where I carry depends on what I’m doing. If I’m out in public, I carry cross-draw appendix and concealed. If I’m at work, I carry on my right hip and open.

Microtech Double Edge OTF Zombietech Edition
I carry the Microtech in my front right pocket. It fits nicely in the palm of my hand and is easily and rapidly deployed, so if I am walking through a parking lot, I’d typically have it palmed. As for the engravings, I’m a Walking Dead fan #TeamNegan.

Custom Holster
This is a “dragon skin” belt slide pancake by Jeffrey Custom Leather out of Yale, Oklahoma. It’s a leather holster and is my hip carry rig. It sits tight to the body, so if I need to conceal quickly, throwing on a flannel or vest does the job. When I contacted Jeff at Jeffrey Custom Leather, he listed a plethora of different materials and asked me what I wanted it made out of. I jokingly asked if he had dragon skin, and he did not disappoint! Sorry, Daenerys.

The little metal card holder is carried in my pocket, because I rarely carry a purse anymore.

Explain your everyday-carry philosophy
I believe that you should carry what you’re comfortable and proficient with. Practice, train, and prepare. My carry changes with my activity and my outfit. I covered the daily basis above for myself, but if I go out on a date with my guy, chances are I’m in something form fitted and carrying a 380 ACP, because I’d rather have something small than nothing at all.

Nila Rhoades


Emergency Management

Current job title
Community Resiliency Education Program Coordinator & Firearms Instructor

Describe your current working environment
I work from home most of the time. I also teach at the range and in classroom settings.

How does your work environment affect your EDC?
When at home, I carry however is comfortable, which is normally kidney carry, IWB at the 4 o’clock. At the range, I carry OWB at the 3 o’clock. The drawstroke is virtually identical in both methods, so I don’t incur any training scars.

Describe your carry items
Glock 26 Gen 3
I’ve always been a Glock fan. They’re simple to use and easy to find equipment for. I can conceal the 26 well without wearing layers of clothing. While I enjoy shooting the G19 more, the G26 is my go-to EDC.

Long’s Shadow Antero IWB Holster
Many holsters weren’t made for women (i.e. someone who sits down to use the restroom). I’ve tried dozens of holsters that don’t have good retention when moving a lot. Whether it’s an active job or playing with kids at home, I need a holster that stays put.

Long’s Shadow Antero IWB does that for me.

Blue Force Gear Lip Balm
If you’ve ever tried Blue Force Gear Lip Balm, then you know. It’s just the best there is.

C.A.T Tourniquet
A C.A.T tourniquet is something I carry because I carry a firearm. It’s best practice to have this piece of equipment for saving a life.

Leatherman Wave
I carry the Leatherman Wave because it always comes in handy. Having a multi-tool is essential for virtually all situations.

Spare magazine in a Blackhawk magazine pouch
A spare mag is essential. Having a decent way to hold that magazine that’s low profile is also critical. Blackhawk provides a sturdy product in their magazine pouches.

Explain your personal everyday-carry philosophy
My EDC is for the safety of my children, my husband, and myself. As many of us know, the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. But I also carry a gun because I’ve had ample training to do so — as we all should have. My EDC helps me keep my brain in check and to always have that present, aware mindset to observe any threats that may present themselves.

Naim “Nick” Saiti


Restaurateur and competitive shooter

Describe your current working environment
The atmosphere behind the scenes of a restaurant can be diverse. One minute you’re in public relations, the next you become a plumber.

How does your work environment affect EDC?
Running around all day and dealing with high volumes of people require both comfort and concealability.

Describe your carry items
Kimber Ultra CDP Elite STS II 45 ACP
The slim profile of a 1911 makes it easy to carry for long periods of time. The aluminum frame makes this gun light while still packing a potent caliber.

Benchmade 3300 Infidel OTF
Sadly, this high-quality, out-the-front knife is mainly used to cut boxes and other stuff you’re not supposed to do with a high-dollar OTF knife.

Extra magazine
The small size of the officer’s size 1911 doesn’t allow for capacity. Also, I like to dry-fire reloads in my down time.

The ability to take pictures, find info, and communicate shouldn’t be taken for granted.

While this item may not technically be part of an EDC, it goes a long way in keeping track of ideas and helping hold on to my sanity.

Explain your everyday-carry philosophy
Proficiency and awareness. Know how to use your tools — just because you bought a guitar doesn’t make you a musician. Awareness is as important as marksmanship. Know your surroundings, but also have a plan. After a self-defense situation arises isn’t the best time to figure out a course of action.

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