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Excellent video of freedom by night

B.E. Meyers & Co., an American, family owned company based in Redmond, WA, is celebrating 40 years in business. Chance are if you've been in the military you've seen or used some of their laser targeting and illumination systems (IZLID anyone?) but it's entirely possible you might also have used one of their excellent flash hiders. Those are as popular in many civilian homes as they are at JSOC.

The video below was crafted after 4 days of filming at 3 different locations using a lot of ammunition. As you can see they do a lot more than just lasers- they provide illumination equipment and less lethal devices as well. Check it out.

Unfortunately, Facebook decided the video violates their policy against defending freedom by night so they won't allow promotion of the post. Feel free to share on your social media to help them overcome this.

BE MeyerCo Denied

Here is a quick look at some night time laser use in the field.


Now, go check out their 5.56mm flash hiders here – if you need one for the M240 you keep by the side of your bed to greet burglars, those are here. See how some ANGLICO Marines use a piece of BE Meyers & Co. gear to do their job on a “dark, cold battlefield” here.

Learn more about BE Meyers & Co. on Facebook, Vimeo and their home page.

BE Meyers & Company 1

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