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Alien Gun from Laugo Arms! Exclusive Photos and Details

Ever since Laugo Arms teased us with photos of the Alien gun, shooting enthusiasts have been yearning for more details. We've got specs and pictures for you that haven't previously been shared to the U.S. market.

Alien pistol 13

At this time, Laugo still plans to introduce the Alien gun to the U.S. in 2019, but a distributor has not been announced.

Alien pistol 1

Engineering designs of the Alien gun serve to mitigate muzzle flip and minimize felt-recoil. Laugo touts the Alien as having the lowest bore axis of any pistol in the world. Cycling of the gun is independent of the fixed barrel and the separate top rail. This means that during each shot, neither the barrel nor the sights move. This should lend to high accuracy and the possibility for faster follow up shots.

Alien internal

The Alien gun operates using a delayed blowback system. Gas pressure is used to slow the movement of the slide thanks to a gas piston. Laugo claims that the more powerful the round, the slower the slide will move, and the recoil is reduced no matter how hot the ammo is.

Alien pistol 3

Alien pistol 10

Shooters can easily switch between upper rails to accommodate iron sights, a red dot, or a Picatinny top rail. Options for an open division ready Alien are also available. The open division kit includes a compensator, open division upper rail, and flared magwell.

Alien pistol 7

Alien pistol 6

This video shows how quickly you can exchange upper rails:

Alien’s patented hammerless trigger system features an inverted hybrid striker that is attached to the replaceable upper rail. Housing the of the hybrid striker also allows for the low bore axis fit.

Laugo lists the Alien gun features as:

  • Low bore axis
  • Interchangeable upper rail
  • Exchangeable backstraps
  • Adjustable iron sights
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Trigger safety
  • Striker safety block

Alien Gun Specifications:
Length: 8.2-inches
Width: 1.1-inches
Height: 5.8-inches
Barrel length: 4.8-inches
Weight (with empty mag): 2.47 pounds
Trigger weight: 2.2 to 5.6 pounds, adjustable by the manufacturer
Magazine capacity: 17

Check out the full gallery of photos:

We'll give you more updates on the Alien gun as soon as we get them.

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Corey Graff contributed to this article.

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