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Exigent Circumstances: The Hampton-Crane Rollout Kit

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Photos by Chad McBroom and Nick Robbs Photography

RECOIL Issue 41, on stands now, includes the latest installment of our short-fiction feature Exigent Circumstances. The series focuses on missions carried out by faux military contracting firm Hampton-Crane International Services. Just like with any real private army, a standard rollout kit has been assembled for all independent contractors deploying with Hampton-Crane. Here is a closer look at some of that kit, why it was chosen, and how it helped us create the universe surrounding our Exigent series.

Exigent Circumstances Kit 1

Camo Pattern
To comply with DOD regulations governing security contractors operating in combat zones, Hampton-Crane chose a non-standard camouflage pattern for all uniform and individual tactical gear. After extensive research, it was determined that the pattern that would best meet operational requirements was the A-TACS iX.

A-TACS iX (Intermediate Xtreme) Camo is the flagship pattern of the A-TACS X Series line of camouflage patterns and serves as the central component of what was designed to be a multi-environment concealment solution. The X Series concept is based on a transitional pattern that incorporates an even mixture of foliage and earth tones designed to blend in multiple environments.

A-TACS iX uses an enhanced edge detail in the transitional areas between light and shadow within the pattern to create an illusion of depth. The iX combines colors from the A-TACS FG-X (Foliage Green Xtreme) and AU-X (Arid Urban Xtreme), which allows it to be paired with either of these supporting patterns to function in any environment. This allows Hampton-Crane contractors to utilize one set of gear in the transitional iX pattern and change between uniform patterns if needed, based on the operational environment.

The standard issue uniform for Hampton-Crane security contractors is the TRU-SPEC Tactical Response Uniform (T.R.U.) in the A-TACS iX Camo. The uniform consists of the T.R.U. ¼ Zip Combat Shirt and T.R.U. Pants.

 TRU-SPEC Tactical Response Uniform (T.R.U.) in A-TACS iX Camo

TRU-SPEC Tactical Response Uniform (T.R.U.) in A-TACS iX Camo

The T.R.U. ¼ Zip Combat Shirt is constructed with a 60/40 cotton/nylon blend CORDURA® Baselayer fabric. This no melt, no drip, fabric reduces the severity of burn injuries and helps protect against flash fires. Reinforced elbows, loop-lined pockets, pen stalls, and cuff closures line the gusseted sleeves.

The T.R.U. Pants are loosely based off the US Military ACU design with added enhancements. These enhancements include reinforced knees with internal knee-pad pockets, cargo pockets with 5”x5” hidden internal pockets, lower-leg pockets, reinforce front slash pockets, reinforced seat, and drawstring waist.

Exigent Circumstances Kit 2

Considering a contractor can be outfitted with a full uniform for around $100, the T.R.U. is a sensible, cost-saving choice for a company that could be asked to mobilize and deploy thousands of shooters in a short-notice support surge anywhere around the globe.

Plate Carriers
While Hampton-Crane security contractors may wear any high-quality kit that matches the company-standard ATACS iX pattern, there are currently two plate carriers available for direct-issue: the Optimal Performance Systems (OPS) Advanced Modular Plate Carrier System (AMPCS) and the Snake Eater Tactical Rifle Plate Carrier.

Optimal Performance Systems Advanced Modular Plate Carrier System

Optimal Performance Systems Advanced Modular Plate Carrier System

The OPS AMPCS is a light-weight, MOLLE-compatible, modular plate carrier constructed of Mil-Spec 500D Cordura laminated with synthetic rubber Hypalon. The system is adjustable to accept small, medium, and large standard cut plates. The removable chest panel can be worn as a standalone chest panel or drop leg panel. Additional features include integrated radio/accessory pockets on the cummerbund and emergency drag handle.

Snake Eater Tactical Rifle Plate Carrier

Snake Eater Tactical Rifle Plate Carrier

The SET Rifle Plate Carrier is a light-weight, adaptable plate carrier made of advanced composite materials. It’s MOLLE compatible and will accept medium and large SAPI plates, as well as commercial 10×12 plates. This modular system can be built around specific mission profiles and quickly reconfigured for loadout changes. This carrier can also be worn slick for low-visibility operations, making it very versatile.

The Snake Eater Tactical War Belt is a three-layer, padded belt system that includes an inner pant belt, pad, and duty belt. The 1.75” pant belt is cut from a single piece of Hypalon. This extremely thin belt eliminates the bulk of a traditional nylon web inner belt. The outside of the belt is lined with 1.5” loop fastener material.

The low-profile, 4mm closed cell foam pad is covered with heavyweight nylon mesh and lined hook fastener material on the inside and loop fastener material on the outside. The thin padding reduces weight and keeps the outer, load-bearing duty belt as close to the body as possible.

The 1.75” Duty Belt is constructed of two layers of Type 13 parachute webbing and a Cobra Buckle. The inside is lined with 1” reinforced hook fastener material is attached in 2.5” increments to create MOLLE-compatible channels. These channels allow MOLLE gear to be attached without interfering with the hook and loop interface. The Duty Belt can be worn with or without the pad, and the quick adjustment system allows the belt sizing to be adjusted to accommodate for cold-weather gear.

Snake Eater Tactical War Belt

Snake Eater Tactical War Belt

Holster/Mag Carriers
Hampton-Crane issues Leadfarmer, Inc. Kydex holsters and magazine carriers for use with the Snake Eater Tactical War Belt. Leadfarmer has been making handmade Kydex holsters and accessories since 2011. The OWB Light Bearing Holster, OWB Pistol Double Mag Holder, and OWB 5.56 Single Rifle Mag Holder are standard issue. Each of these are patterned in A-TACS iX camouflage and constructed out of two layers of 0.080″ Kydex with 1.75” injection molded belt loops.

The holster and magazine carriers all have adjustable retention systems. The pistol and rifle magazine carriers feature an ambidextrous design that allows them to be worn on either side of the body and accommodate right- or left-handed shooters.

Leadfarmer, Inc. Kydex Holster, Double Pistol Mag Holder, & Single Rifle Mag Holder

Leadfarmer, Inc. Kydex Holster, Double Pistol Mag Holder, & Single Rifle Mag Holder

When Hampton-Crane security contractors’ feet hit the ground in their area of operation, they’re in the LALO Shadow Amphibian. These boots were made for air, land, and waterborne operations, and are loaded with features that enhance their performance in such conditions.

A sleek vamp profile and a rear fin lock allow these boots to be worn with swim fins during waterborne operations. The passive two-direction drainage ports allow water to flow in and out of the boot. A slip-resistant, injection-molded rubber outsole helps keep the wearer’s feet underneath them when the boots hit land.

Protective qualities of the boots include a full-grain leather construction and a moisture-wicking, hydrophobic antimicrobial lining. The multi-density EVA sole is engineered to cushion at foot-strike and propel during push-off. A puncture-resistant, composite plate liner protects the bottom of the foot and reduces fatigue during wear. The strange looking ribbed fabric that lines the front of the boot is a blade resistant, ceramic-treated SuperFabric™ overlay that provides abrasion resistance.

These quarter cut boots are comfortable and perform well in most environments. With additional features like traction teeth on the arch for enhanced grip during climbing and fast-roping, and an articulating heel and outsole for quiet stealth movement, the Shadow Amphibian is one of the favorite pieces of kit in the Hampton-Crane rollout.

LALO Shadow Amphibian Boots

LALO Shadow Amphibian Boots

For more information specific to the issued firearms at Hampton-Crane, you can read about the Hampton-Crane Contractor Service Rifle (CSR), featured in the Buildsheet column of RECOIL Issue 41.

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