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Eyes On: Tops Knives C.U.T. 4.0

The collective “We” just got our hands on a wicked knife from Tops Knives called the C.U.T (combat utility tool) 4.0 and it is sharp!

You know, in a couple senses of the word.

Tops Knives Cut 4.0 6

Eyes On: Tops Knives C.U.T. 4.0


The C.U.T. 4.0 looks and feels like the mongrel love child crossbreed of a Karambit and utility knife, which is exactly what Joshua Swanagon (master knife breeder) was going for when he bred them:a utility knife with combat functionality. Traditional to its Karambit side, the C.U.T. 4.0 features a finger-hole big enough for a gloved hand to slide in and slide out with relative ease.

Reports indicate that's how this knife was conceived — UNGLOVED of course.

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Photo Credit: Fox tv show- Last Man On Earth.

The handle of the knife feels solid, supported by a full tang, with grooves for your fingers and serious jimping on the spine for your thumb. Once you get a sure grip locked on, it feels like it becomes an extension of the arm. The handle also has a slight curve to it, seemingly ideal for forward thrusting motion in combat, or sharpening a stick prepping defense, or even whittling wood for whittling purposes.

That's right, hipsters. You can use it to whittle wood to pass the time while your friend types on their depression era typewriter at Starbucks.


Photo Credit:

As for the cutting edge of the C.U.T 4.0, you'll notice that unlike the curve of a Karambit, this tool sports a four-inch spear point. It is this straight edge that gives this tool so much potential for utility.

Tops Knives Cut 4.0 4

The damn near quarter inch of a steel that constitutes the knife, gives the C.U.T decent weight of 6.3 oz (9 oz with the sheath) without being too cumbersome or bulky — good heft, but not so much that you need suspenders or a baldric for it.

Tops Knives Cut 4.0 3

If you're not into tie-dye folders with near zero functionality or cheap stabby things built to look like props from a Wuxia movie, go check out TOPS Knives. Keep an eye on this part of the interwebz — we'll be reporting back once we put some serious miles on the C.U.T. 4.0.

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