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FABARM STF 12: Italian Made Tactical Pump Shotgun

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One advantage that tactical shotguns bring to the table is their versatility. On the hunting field, a shotgun can be used for harvesting fowl or larger game. In the context of combat, the utility has expanded to include breaching doors, and more. The FABARM STF 12 represents a 100% Italian-made contributor to this firearm category and brings with it inherent qualities, many beyond skin deep.

FDE Fabarm STF 12

Who is FABARM?

An Italian Firearms Manufacturer with a knack for shotguns, FABARM began building itself into what it is now in 1900. In the past 121 years, they have maintained a dedication to 100% Italian manufacturing to retain quality control that has lead to their distribution in at least 50 countries. Their name comes from the Italian phrase for “Arms Manufacturer in Brescia” and hasn't changed in that time. Lineage and quality remain at the heart of their production through modern manufacturing.

While FABARM itself produces a range of shotguns, from over-under, and side-by-side heirloom pieces to field and sporting models, FABARM Professional leans into tactical applications. Instead of adapting an earlier model, FABARM built the STF 12 directly for its specified purpose. FABARM Professional is the subdivision which focuses on meeting needs and requirements unique to military and law enforcement.

As a 12 gauge shotgun, the FABARM STF 12 chooses the reliability and simplicity of a pump action, with all the dressings of a modern and aggressive platform. When semi-automatic shotguns go wrong in the field, the result can be catastrophic and are only exacerbated in adverse environments. A pump-action can continue to run long after a semi-auto has gone down, too dirty to keep functioning.

fabarm STF 12 deep drilling

The heart of a rifle is its barrel, and its primary standard is its accuracy. In contrast, a shotgun barrel is trying to meet two metrics: accuracy and durability. A shotgun is expected to handle a variety of shells, from slugs to target shot, and they will not all have the same pressure values. That is why the FABARM STF 12 barrel undergoes a process of testing after they are drilled from a solid piece of nickel chrome molybdenum. In order for a barrel to pass inspection, it must be able to withstand 23,641.15 PSI (1630 BAR): a higher level of testing than any other shotgun manufacturer in Italy.

STF 12 rail removal

Instead of retrofitting a current frame, the FABARM STF 12 is built for modern tactical accessories, such as red dot sights, lights, and foregrips. Sling plates and shell holders are optional accessories, for A removable picatinny rail runs along the top of the barrel, with integral sights residing underneath in case it is removed. A rail section is built into the 6 o'clock on the pump, ideal for a weapon-mounted light. The barrel is threaded for their choke/muzzle brake combo that reduces recoil while retaining the ability to be used for breaching.

STF 12 Muzzle Brake

A key feature the FABARM STF 12 platform as a whole, is that it was designed for modularity. The end-user is able to swap out the Fixed stock for an AR-15 style buffer tube (Using this Adapter by FABARM) in the event they want to use their own parts. The barrel ships in an 18 inches as a non-NFA item and holds a sub-2-MOA group at 55 yards. Brily Manufacturing currently makes tube extensions for the STF-12, pushing past the initial 5-round capacity.

Tactical shotguns have their place, whether for home defense, recreation in competition, and professional application. The FABARM STF 12 is a 100% Made-in-Italy shotgun, that utilizes the reliability of a pump-action, but brings with it advancements, such as it's Soft Touch stock and pump surface for enhanced grip in adverse conditions.

Fabarms STF 12 black

At the core, the STF 12 combines a robust operating system, from components to materials used, with a suite of features that address the needs of modern shooters. From the ability to swap optics quickly, to the option to choose one's barrel length, the STF 12 encompasses the advantages of a shotgun platform without compromising for convenience.

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