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Review: Fall is coming, and so are Magpul jackets

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Magpul's fall 2018 clothing lineup just dropped and, yes, it finally includes outerwear! By the time you read this, Magpul should have posted the collection to its site.

While there's a bunch of interesting pieces in the lineup, we expect to see a lot of Light Insulated Jackets and Hoodies on the streets and ranges once they begin shipping.

We've had the new Light Insulated Hoody ($200) for a few weeks, though it's only been cool enough in New England to wear it a couple nights. Magpul made the jacket for casual wear and sized it for healthy Americans instead of hollow-waisted mountaineers. Food truck operations and Solo cup manipulation went smoothly and an errant elbow in the crowd led to the discovery that the hoody's DWR coating is also DBR (Durably Beer Resistant). On the range, the hoody stretches a bit in all the right places, allowing unrestricted press outs and reaches without huge hem rise.

Magpul Hoody-095

The hood stays in place without the need for adjusters or hardware. It's cut for an unhelmeted head.

It's still too warm to comment on the hoody's cold weather protection, but it's running 60 grams of Primaloft Gold Active insulation. That's breathable, four-way stretch insulation that compliments the four-way stretch fabrics used in the face and liner. No doubt, the hoody/jacket is warm enough for lounging in 40-50 degree weather and it'll support active use in colder temps.

Magpul Hoody-041

The rear hem is dropped enough to keep you warm and snug enough prevent it from riding up.

With just two zippered hand warming pockets, the hoody's pocket layout is spartan. We're disappointed Magpul didn't include an interior breast pocket on the jacket. That chest pocket is a good spot to store a mobile phone in cold weather because the warmth radiating from your body will extend its battery life. But, we understand the argument against more pockets, as the simpler design is more durable and keeps the cost of the jacket down.

Magpul Hoody-093

The simple cuffs fit snuggly and don't bind up.

There's going to be a lot of people asking how this jacket compares to the Arc'teryx Atom series, and it's a valid question. The construction package is most similar to the AR, offering top-flight materials and articulated patterning. But, the two differ on fit and amount of insulation. The Magpul is cut more generously, has a more hard wearing face fabric, contains less insulation, and has no hood or hem adjustments. It's also priced about a C-note under the competition.

When it comes to the absence of hood and hem adjustments, the jacket is patterned quite well… so much so that we don't feel the need to tighten things up with elastic and cord locks. The hoody is more casual than technical, anyway. In fairness, we didn't even notice the missing cordlocks because things stayed in place without them. The lack of findings also keeps the price of the garment down.

Magpul Hoody-102

The jacket's four way stretch fabric largely obviates the need for a hem adjustment.


There is one elephant in the room when it comes to a firearm company producing clothing, especially outerwear. And, that's branding. Wearing a Magpul logo on your chest at least telegraphs your stance on firearms to those in the know, and it could raise questions about what you're carrying in some situations. But, does John Q. Public recognizes the Magpul logo, and what it represents? Dunno.

Magpul Hoody-105

Branding is somewhat subdued. And, the face beads water effectively.

There are some members of the concealed carry community that will steer clear of firearm branded clothing altogether, while there are plenty of 2A supporters that wear firearm branded clothing as a show of support. Most of us reside someplace in the middle.

The branding on Magpul's new jackets is on the loud side of discreet, and we dig it that way.  We're guessing this was a hotly debated topic at Magpul HQ and one that resulted in the somewhat subdued, color-on-color logo that appears on the new jackets. We wouldn't complain if the Magpul logos were even closer in color to the base fabric's they're on, though.

The rest of the lineup includes the stretch wool Logger Shirt LS, the windproof wool Commando Zip Neck Sweater, Softshell Utility Pant, Reversible Tech Logger Shacket, and the Light Insulated Hybrid Jacket. Magpul's descriptions follow.


“Constructed of a unique stretch synthetic wool that provides warmth when wet and odor-free performance, the Logger Shirt LS, $90,  is the perfect layer to be worn in colder months. Providing a more relaxed fit that allows for non-binding base layer compatibility, the Logger Shirt LS has been designed for everyday wear no matter the mission. From chopping wood, working in the shed, or being buttoned up for a casual night on the town, the shirt’s articulation provides unrestricted reach and the two secure chest pockets keep contents in and debris out.”



“Constructed of warm synthetic wool and defined by its clean lines, the Commando Zip Neck, $120, offers unmatched versatility for colder months. Capable of being worn under a light insulated jacket for especially cold days, doing chores inside a chilly cabin, or lounging outside in crispy fall weather, the devil is in the details. With reinforced windproof/weather resistant shoulders and arms, the articulated fit of the Commando Zip Neck allows for unrestricted reach and mobility while also accommodating concealed carry.”



“The Magpul Reversible Tech Shacket, $160, is a fully reversible plaid shacket (shirt + jacket.) This garment serves as a tough plaid jacket on one side and a lightly insulated layer on the other. Offering equal function regardless of the direction of wear, this windproof shacket boast Magpul’s stateside articulation for unrestricted forward reach and range of motion when presenting a firearm. Supremely cozy, it provides two easy-access hand pockets for storage and thermal protection while the athletic fit allows for additional layers underneath without obstructing its concealed carry capabilities.”



“A lightweight insulated jacket constructed with breathable, synthetic hydrophobic insulation and a windproof face fabric that can withstand hardwearing use, the new Magpul Light Insulated Jacket, $180, is built to work as a standalone jacket or the perfect layer under an outer shell. Capable of moving moisture during high output activities, this jacket sheds weather and provides unmatched wind resistance. Featuring zippered hand pockets for storage, the built-in articulation allows for unrestricted forward reach making it functional for shooting, hiking and virtually any outdoor pursuits.”


“The Magpul Light Insulated Hoody, $200, offers the same features as the Light Insulated Jacket (above) with the additional protection of an adjustable drop hood for when conditions become more severe.”


“The perfect pant for the mixed conditions of fall and winter, this utility pant is constructed of a tough, lightweight softshell material that is quick drying while providing warmth without additional insulation. Designed for dynamic movements and medium-to-high output activities, the advanced integrated gusset provides full range of motion and minimized seams. Featuring secure hand pockets with internal storage for phones, two internal multi-use magazine pockets that are the perfect size for carrying 15-round magazines or pocket knives, and one thigh pocket for extra gear, the Magpul Softshell Utility Pant is a standout pant that does it all. $115″



“The Magpul Light Insulated Hybrid pullover is designed with a singular purpose: to be an asset during cold-weather shooting activities, not a hindrance. With an insulated upper torso and arms paired to a stretch nylon lower torso, it is warm and dynamic in the right areas, and it moves the way your body does. Designed to work with chest rigs, binocular harnesses, CSAR chest packs, and waist belts, the Light Insulated Hybrid keeps you warm, fights off moisture, dries fast, and works with your equipment. Go far, go fast, and shoot straight in the Magpul Light Insulated Hybrid. $190″

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