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Federal Expands 224 Valkyrie Offerings and Joins the Components Game

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In the fall of 2017, Federal boldly introduced the 224 Valkyrie cartridge to the gun market. The 224 Valkyrie was originally available to shooters in four of Federal’s product lines: Gold Medal Sierra MatchKing, Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint, Fusion MSR and American Eagle TMJ. This year, Federal is adding three more loads to this lineup: 80.5-grain Gold Medal Berger Hybrid, 60-grain Hornady V-Max and 78-grain Barnes Triple-Shock X (TSX). Whether you're hunting yotes' or just like to shoot long range, Federal has designed a load to meet your needs.

The 80.5 gr Gold Medal Berger Hybrid features an advanced Hybrid OTM boat-tail bullet, Gold Medal primers, Federal brass, and specially formulated propellant. All of that gives shooters an extremely high ballistic coefficient, flat trajectories, little wind drift and drop, providing accuracy at long range.

80.5 gr Gold Medal Berger 224 Valkyrie

80.5 gr Gold Medal Berger 224 Valkyrie

Hunters will enjoy the performance of the 60-grain Hornady V-Max. The new loads bring the accuracy and explosive expansion of the proven Hornady V-Max bullet, loaded with Federal brass, primer, and propellant.

60 gr Hornady V-Max 224 Valkyrie

60 gr Hornady V-Max 224 Valkyrie

Combine the capabilities of both of the above cartridges, and you have the 78-grain Barnes TSX. With an all-copper hollow point, you can expect tight groups at long range and AND lethal expansion. Barnes TSX monolithic design retains more than 99 percent of its weight on impact to penetrate deep, and its grooved shank minimizes barrel fouling and improves accuracy.

78 gr Barnes TSX 224 Valkyrie

78 gr Barnes TSX 224 Valkyrie

Federal is finally giving reloaders the ability to purchase their component bullets in 2019. This will give reloaders the ability to build their ammunition using Federal products across the board, as Federal has previously offered primers, brass, and wads.

For handguns, Federal will be offering the Syntech and the Hydra-shok. The Syntech bullet has a TSJ polymer jacket that not only reduces heat and friction but also eliminates copper fouling. It is currently available in 9mm .355” 115-grain, 40 cal .400” 165-grain, 45 cal .451” 230 grain. The Hydra-Shok is designed for self-defense with a hollow point and center post which work together to provide competent expansion. The Hydra-Shok is currently available in 357 cal. 129-grain, 355 cal. 124-grain, 355 cal. 147-grain, 357 cal. 158-grain, 400 cal. 165-grain 400 cal. 180-grain, 451 cal. 185-grain, and 451 cal. 230-grain.

Edge TLR Component Bullet

Edge TLR Component Bullet

For rifle shooters, Federal is introducing several component bullets. The Edge TLR bullets is an all-range capable bullet. The Edge TLR uses the Slipstream polymer tip to initiate expansion at long range, and the copper shank and bonded lead core offer this same expansion for close range shots. The Edge TLR is currently available in 277 cal. 136-grain and 284 cal. 155-grain.

The Trophy Bonded Tip combines bonded construction, a solid copper shank, a boat-tail design, and a high-performance polymer tip. The Trophy Bonded Tip is currently available in 270 cal., .277” 130-grain, 270 cal., .277” 140-grain, 7mm, .284” 140-grain, 7mm, .284” 160-grain, 30 cal., .308” 165-grain , and 30 cal., .308” 180-grain.

The Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer Solid has a lead core bonded to a thick brass jacket, and a flat nose which minimizes deflection and delivers a deep, straight wound cavity. The Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer is currently available in 375 cal .375” 300-grain, 416 cal .416” 400-grain, 458 cal .458” 500-grain, and 474 cal .474” 500-grain.

Trophy Bonded Bearclaw bullets have a bonded jacket and core, and retain more than 95% of their weight. Additionally, they are available in large diameters, making them optimal for hunting large game. The Trophy Bonded Bearclaw is currently available in 375 cal .375” 250-grain, 375 cal .375” 300-grain, 416 cal .416” 400-grain,  458 cal .458” 500-grain, and 474 cal .474” 500-grain.

Lastly, Federal is offering Fusion component bullets. Fusion bullets have a molecularly fused jacket and a pressure-formed core, allowing them maximum expansion and weight retention. Fusion bullets are currently available in 264 cal. 140-grain, 277 cal. 130-grain,  277 cal. 150-grain, 284 cal. 140-grain, 284 cal. 160-grain,  284 cal. 175-grain,  308 cal. 150-grain, 308 cal. 180-grain, 338 cal. 200-grain, and 338 cal. 225-grain.

30 cal. 308" Fusion Component Bullets

30 cal. 308″ Fusion Component Bullets

From Federal:

Federal’s drive to be the world’s biggest ammunition manufacturer has never been rooted solely in creating profits for investors. It has always been based in the far-larger desire to build something uniquely American. To provide well-paying jobs for employees so they can support their families and contribute to their communities. To build superior products that perform at exceptionally high levels, whether the end user is a member of USA Shooting competing at the Olympics, a backcountry elk hunter who hears the electrifying sound of a bugle at first light, or the weekend plinker at the range with their son or daughter and a .22. Federal is guided by its abiding belief that hunting and shooting are integral American pursuits that need to be cherished and passed on to new generations. By leveraging its resources and position, it accomplishes all these goals and more, yielding benefits for all who love to shoot. 

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