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FICG – Stone Mountain Machine Gun Shoot

Machine guns, the real ones–not semi-autos the media calls machine guns — are tons of fun. Unfortunately, getting your hands on one of these more-than-one-shot-per-trigger-pull items with a go-faster fun switch can be prohibitively expensive. Unless…. unless of course you attend a shoot like the one we're about to tell you about.

The Firearms Industry Consulting Group (FICG) and Stone Mountain Tactical have come together to bring you a good time in the form of automatic weapons.

The FICG – Stone Mountain Machine Gun Shoot

This machine gun shoot takes place over two days, April 30-May 1, in Monroeton PA. It's not just a machine gun shoot though, there will be manufacturers present as well. Companies like Sig Sauer, Silencerco, B5 Systems, Yankee Hill Machine, LWRCi, and others will be present.  As far as cost is concerned, if you pre-register it'll be only $25 for both days. You can also buy tickets at the gate the day of for $40 a day (so pre-register, obviously).

machine gun shoot 1

For tickets and more information (such as hotel accommodations, etc.) follow this link.

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