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How to Field Strip Your AR15

This is not precisely how many of us learned to do this in boot camp. Eye Handy does things just a little differently.

How to Field Strip Your AR15

Says Eye Handy,

Sexiest way to clean an AR-15 Rifle – The key to maintaining proper function of your AR-15 rifle, or any gun, is to keep it clean on a regular basis. Breaking down an AR-15 is not all that easy and if you don't know what you're doing, it can be very unsafe. Luckily Ashley is here in EyeHandy fashion with the best AR-15 cleaning video you will find, demonstrating how to dismantle, clean, and rebuild an AR-15 rifle.

What is Eye Handy? Well, according to their description, “EyeHandy delivers free how-to videos performed by attractive female models in an elegant fashion. Discover a sexier, more captivating way to learn.”

Alas, Eye Handy hasn't posted anything in a very long time (though a post popped up out of nowhere on their Instagram feed, @eyehandy, just a couple months back). Somebody really ought to pick up this torch and carry it forward.

Eye Handy Instructional Videos

Past videos have included such timeless classics as “How to Make a Beer Bong With Mandi”, “How to Turn a Whiskey Bottle into a Lamp With Alex”, “How to Record Xbox Gameplay with Julia”, How to Treat Jellyfish Sting With Tara” and of course the eternal fan favorite “How to Make French Toast With Savannah.”

Those not to your taste? Check out “How to Wrap Your Hands for MMA With Alex” and “Julia's Underwear Dance.” The latter isn't a tutorial, but some of you will enjoy it regardless. They also provide several opportunities to go behind the scenes.

You can go back and see what they published previously here on Facebook.

You can find all their instructional videos here on their YouTube channel.

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