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First Look: Area 419 Maverick Silencer

Area 419 (“Four One Nine”) is probably best known for its timeable muzzle brakes for precision shooting and reloading accouterments, but this one was even a surprise for us: Silencers.

Being based around precision, then it should be plain to everyone that their suppressors are also for precision shooting. While there's certainly a silencer for everyone and every purpose, a gap exists in the realm of dedicated long-range cans. For sure, some are available (we wrote about long-range silencers before), but we can guarantee none of them are like this.

The modular silencer has been popular for quite a few years, with several companies releasing options, but while many can be used for long-range, the Area 419 Maverick was specifically built for it.

The Area 419 Maverick comes with three main pieces: Phase 1, which is the first stand-alone stage of the silencer, a large muzzle brake which can be attached to Phase 1, and Phase 2, an extension that can be used for maximum sound suppression. The bore of Phase 1 itself is larger (think closer to .45 than .22) but Phase 2 is caliber specific.

There will be four variations of the Area 419 Maverick in the initial offering: Your choice between either a Hellfire or Sidewinder mounting system, and your choice between either a 30-caliber or 6.5mm Phase 2 extension.

Brakes can be horribly obnoxious, like, mother-in-law obnoxious. But the brake on the end of Phase 1 isn't terrible even when standing laterally to the muzzle itself. The whole purpose of Phase 1 is to slow the gas expansion enough to make the brake less obnoxious (and also to bring the audio levels down). In order to attach Phase 2, you simply remove the timeable brake and screw it on. While the brake and Phase 2 aren't exactly the same weight, they're close enough that there shouldn't be any significant point-of-impact shift with a typical precision rifle.

In regards to material, nothing low-end here. The body is turned from a solid piece of titanium, as is everything else minus the brake, mount, and blast baffle. We saw a lot of Ti chips on the floor at the shop!

A few weeks back we got our hands on an unfinished preproduction prototype, and if you happen to be competing or observing the 2019 PRS Finale, there will be several Maverick users present. Some changes have been made to the prototypes that we fired, but the largest difference is the fact that Phase 2 is approximately 1-inch longer than the silencer we got handsy with. And of course, they're finished.

With the limited time we had on the range (this is just a first look) we witnessed virtually no increased muzzle deviation with the Area 419 Maverick versus a straight compensator. A rifle equipped with a Phase 1 and brake was still loud, but the brake itself was absolutely less obnoxious than a standard brake. We'll have more to report as we put a ton of rounds through a production model.

MSRP will be $1,300 with a Q1 2020 release. In the meantime, you can visit Area 419 online here.

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