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First Look at the Badger Ordnance C.O.M.M. Scope Mount

For many years, Badger Ordnance has been an industry leader and innovator when it comes to precision mounting systems.  Earlier this year, Badger Ordnance released their Condition One Modular Mount (C.O.M.M.). When it comes to mounting optics, modularity is important, and the C.O.M.M. is Badger Ordnance's way of filling that need. I was able to get my hands on the C.O.M.M. at SOFIC, and it impressed me because there are just so many ways to utilize this mount. Badger had various configurations which utilized the mount on display in their booth.

The C.O.M.M. offers the end user four accessory mounting points on the unimount body both left, right, fore, and aft to suit a wide range of shooter’s needs and is available in various heights. The tallest height of 1.93-inches was introduced by Badger this year, and allows for clearance of lasers and attachments and to allow shooters to shoot passively through optics while wearing night vision systems. Badger also offers the C.O.M.M. in a more common height of 1.7-inches as well as in night vision compatible options in flat or a 20MOA base.



Badger Ordnance says they will continue to develop the C.O.M.M. by adding additional accessories such as levels, mounts for digital displays, angle cosign indicators, offset sighting systems, and more. Currently, a Coaxial Laser Integration Fixture (C.L.I.F.), a J Arm, and Micro Sight Mounts are available for the C.O.M.M.

The C.O.M.M. retails for about $289.00

For more information about theC.O.M.M. and other Badger Ordnance products visit

About Badger Ordnance

Badger Ordnance was founded in 1982 to manufacture pistols and rifles. Badger Ordnance now supplies scope mounting equipment, Night Vision mounting solutions, accessories, tools, and parts to the US Military, Special Operations community, and hundreds of Domestic and International Government and Law Enforcement agencies as well as thousands of civilian customers.  Badger Ordnance currently manufactures over 250 items including over 75 for precision rifles, the largest selection of tactical scope rings, mounts, and an extensive line of tools, gages, and accessories for precision rifles. Additionally, they make parts and accessories for M1 Garands, the M14 and the M16/M4/AR-15 family of rifles.

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