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First Look: the ESS Rollbars

For those that enjoy shooting but also wish to continue enjoying maximum use of their eyeballs to see with, quality eye pro should be on the list of required range gear. Unfortunately most options tend to glasses that look like you're running power tools or like you're a centerfielder in the 1994 world series. Most ‘stylish' companies, don’t put shatter proof or military grade lenses in their glasses. This predicament has pushed many into leaving their safety glasses in the range bag, bringing them out only on the firing line.

I recently had the opportunity to sit and talk at length with a representative of ESS and was pleasantly surprised to see some of the contents of their new line of glasses and goggles. Among them were glasses that look a lot like the ones I wear every day, but with the option to change lenses depending on my application.

ESS Rollbars Rev 3
ESS was started in 1998 for the sole purpose of making glasses for Law Enforcement and Military use. All their glasses are made here, in the United States, in Foothill Ranch, CA. Every pair of glasses they make are made to meet and exceed the demanding U.S. Military and ANSI Z87.1-2010 specifications. ESS is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oakley, Inc. This translates to a company designing eyewear for practicality in the field, on the range, and on the street.

I ended up grabbing a set of ESS Rollbars in both black and tan. The glasses are ridiculously lightweight. The lenses are really nice and clear, and the Rollbar offers a really unique lens change setup. By simply hinging the arms in a different spot, you open up the sides of the lenses, allowing you to swap between your favorite polarized lenses, and a set of yellow or copper range lenses. The design reminds me of a nice set of Oakleys and are something I definitely wouldn't mind wearing every day. This gives me the flexibility to hop out of my car, walk straight up to the firing line and begin burning powder without thinking that I look like the next at bat in a softball game.

ESS Rollbars Rev 2
So far I've been extremely impressed and have shot in them with zero visibility issues. I look forward to continue putting these ESS glasses to the test, both in everyday wear and range use. I may even just skydive with them, just to see how they do.

One thing is for certain though: they won't be just sitting in my range bag anymore. Look an update on how they hold up under varying conditions and extended wear in a few months.

ESS Rollbars Rev 1a


For more information visit their site here. They're also on Facebook and Instagram (though the latter isn't terribly active): @esseyepro.

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