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FM-9 9mm Belt Fed Upper

Freedom Ordnance has announced a 9mm Belt Fed upper for AR15/M16 lowers:

Our upper will drop on to any mil-spec AR-15 or M-16 lower receiver. A mag block is dropped into the mag well from the top before putting the upper on, this provides an attachment point for the belt bag and houses the ejector, without the mag block in, the unit will not function. This is the only “modification” that is done and no tools are required. Comes standard with a 16.5″ barrel, 150 round belt bag, and 150 links. Optional accessories include an 11″ barrel (all NFA rules apply) and links sold in bags of 500 or 1000.

You can read more tech specs on their website.  Or just watch this video. It certainly speaks for itself.

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