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Gadget Fu: Fossil Q Reveler activity tracker

Fitbits and assorted counterparts are an increasingly popular part of individual fitness programs now. They seem to be everywhere. Not everyone wants it to be obvious they're wearing one, however, and some folks just prefer something a little more fashionable than a plain plastic band.

Those folks will be interested to know about the Fossil Q Reveler activity tracker — Fossil as in the watch company of the same name. Apparently they purchased a company called Misfit (an activity tracker manufacturer) not too long ago. That acquisition led to the Reveler. Designed to look like a fashion accessory, the Reveler utilizes a phone app not just to track your activity and provide steps/calories burned/etc., but also to send you alerts from your smartphone (like a color coded warning that it's your mom on the line).

Fossil Fitness 6Fossil Fitness 1

The Reveler works with both iOS and Android devices and purports to have a 7-day battery life, though the one we bought to try out doesn't seem to last quite that long (though even at 4-5 days it's still perfectly useful). It ships with a recharging base to power it back up once it goes belly up.

Fossil Fitness 2 Fossil Fitness 3 Fossil Fitness 4 Fossil Fitness 5

As Fossil says, this is their…

“…stylish spin on wearable tech. An iconic activity tracker you'll never want to take off that tracks activity, filters notifications and cues daily inspiration. Now you're armed and ready to go. Fossil Q Reveler looks like a bracelet, acts like an activity tracker. It receives filtered notifications from your favorite contacts and tracks everything from steps to calories all while cueing you to complete creative weekly curiosity challenges. Fossil Q Reveler is engineered with Intel Innovation and compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. Q App is provided by Fossil Group, Inc. so your data will be stored in the USA.”

You an learn more online here. They're on Facebook at /, on Instagram @fossil and on Twitter @Fossil.

Gadget Fu

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