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Foxbeard’s Mag “Foot”

The production “performance basepads” from Foxbeard Tactical are available now. If you're unaware of the Foxbeard, it's a custom magazine basepad you attach as a method of speeding up your magazine changes. The Foxbeard basepads provide a beveled rear edge for “stabilized prone shooting” and recessed indentions on the bottom for painting/numbering. At first glance the concept seems sound. As with anything we'd recommend a test spin on the range to see if practice works as well as theory.

The Foxbeard Magfoot retails for $30.

Foxbeard Tactical mag base plate 1

We'll get a couple ordered for our reviewers and let you know how they work out for us.

You can find Foxbeard online here and on Facebook here – be advised though, the website is running wonky as this article is published. You may need to open each section (like the store and review pages) as a separate tab, as the website doesn't see to want to open up to a new page from the home menu. You'll also want to go straight to the store if you want a closer look, the ‘products' and ‘about us' tabs open to the same page as ‘reviews'. Hopefully they'll get that sorted soon. Meantime, you can buy a Foxbeard right here if you want to try it out.

Foxbeard Tactical mag base plate 3

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