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Frank Proctor’s new muzzle device

Way of the Gun‘s Frank Proctor has released a new muzzle device for your long gun and assures us it will work “…just as well as an A2 flash hider…” when it comes to muzzle flash mitigation. It was designed, he advises, to offer excellent recoil control and sight recovery with minimal overpressure on and around the shooter.

Proctor-muzzle device 4

Says Proctor,

“I have found…this muzzle device is more effective as a brake than any other brake/hider muzzle device I have used. It's also not as loud for the shooter as some of the other muzzle devices on the market. I use this muzzle device for everything from 3 Gun to CQB and have been very pleased with the results!”

You can get yours for $74 right here.

Proctor-muzzle device 6

Proctor-muzzle device 5

Proctor-muzzle device 3

Proctor-muzzle device 2

Not familiar with Frank Proctor? Can you see this from beneath that rock?


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