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Franklin Armory Releases “Binary Firing System”

Franklin Armory is a Nevada based company which sells many components for the ubiquitous AR-15. They announced several new triggers that utilize the third (traditionally automatic) firing position. The Binary Firing System (BFS) acts like a standard trigger when set on ‘Semi' but allows an AR to fire a round both when the trigger is pressed and released when set to the ‘Auto' position. On a similar vein, they have the Release Firing System (RFS) that only fires upon release when in the ‘Auto' position.



Is this even legal? Franklin Armory has this to say about it:

The BFS™ will be appreciated by three gun competitors, tactical shooters, and recreational enthusi-asts. It too features a three position selector that allows the user to switch from Mode 1 for Safe, Mode 2 for traditional Semiautomatic Mode, or Mode 3 for Binary Mode. In Binary Mode, the firearm will discharge one round with every function of the trigger whether a pull or a release. Similar to the RFS™, a user can negate the round that would otherwise be fired during the release function by simply moving the selector back to Mode 2 and then safely releasing the trigger.

It is important to note that as of this writing Franklin Armory™ has waited 117 days for the second letter of determination from ATF-Firearms Technology Branch. In the first letter, ATF-FTB asked Franklin Armory™ to address one nuanced element, which was immediately remedied. Given that ATF-FTB has not rendered an opinion within the customary 90 day period, Franklin Armory™ took the extra step of contracting an evaluation to be performed by Mr. Daniel O’Kelly, Principal at Inter-national Firearms Specialist Academy.

Mr. Kelly is himself a retired ATF agent, and he concluded in his professional opinion that, “At no time did it […the BFS™…] fire more than one shot per function of the trigger, no matter how quickly in succession the trigger was pulled and released.” Consequently, the BFS™ trigger system “is not a firearm under the purview of the Gun Control Act nor the National Firearms Act.”



It should be noted that this isn't the same as having a determination from the BATFE. Even if it were, they've been known to change their minds in the past.

As far as the actually utility or even safety of such a system? We'll leave that up to you.

Here is a video of the BFS in use:

Currently Franklin Armory is only selling BFS triggers as components in their complete receivers and rifles. You can visit their homepage here and Facebook page here.


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