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Freddy Osuna, Summit In The Sand Instructor Spotlight


Freddy Osuna of Greenside Training. Osuna will be teaching “Weaponize The Senses & Optical Surveillance” during Summit In The Sand.

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RECOIL:  What’s your elevator pitch to people who ask what you do?

OSUNA:  My Weaponize the Senses course is designed to provide an introduction to tracking as it applies to personal safety, sensory awareness, protection of property and livestock, border ops, search and rescue, fugitive recovery, intelligence collection, anti poaching/anti dumping, and recovery of highly evasive individuals who seek escape and refuge in our nations wild lands. Subsequently you will leave with a deeper understanding of how focusing our senses can enrich our personal and professional lives


RECOIL:  What is your area of expertise, as it relates to the event?

OSUNA:  Knife fighting, gunfighting, are second to the martial mindset of delivering proportionate and accurate violence to a threat. The faster you perceive- the more accurate you interpret intent, speed, trajectory of oncoming violence. My training makes you a survivor.


RECOIL:  What's your background and qualifications?

OSUNA:  I was interested in tracking and survival from an early age. Served in the Marines 99-08 as an Infantryman & Scout Sniper; saw my share of violence. In '08 I became a contractor stateside, for DOD, teaching man-tracking to America's best. Since then have been involved in some of the foremost visual tracking and awareness projects sourced by the government.

RECOIL:  What can attendees gain through your instruction?

OSUNA:  John Boyd said it best, “OODA Loop” the ability to observe, orient, decide, and act faster than your opponent with the necessary precision and violence will ensure survival upon a critical event.

RECOIL:  What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

OSUNA:  Sometimes you have to let the situation develop, before you act! Sometimes you just act, and act fast with overwhelming violence.


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