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From SHOT: ALG’s ‘6 Second’ Mount

After accidentally seeing a prototype of the ALG Defense “6 second” mount a year ago, I’ve been patiently awaiting its release. The lightweight aluminum mount attaches to a Glock 22 or G17 frame via cross bolt, and is further attached via a replacement trigger group pin. Originally designed at the request of America’s most badass counter terrorist unit, the 6 second mount admittedly adds a little bulk to the pistol. The intended end-user wanted the ability to set up a G22 with a Aimpoint T1 (arguably the most rugged of mini red-dots) while retaining the ability to add lights/lasers. This is all easily accomplished, with minimal time and tools. With miniature sights gaining in popularity throughout the shooting community, many people have realized the advantages red-dot sights offer the shooter. This is amplified during situations where the shooter is forced into using a handgun as their primary weapon.

In close range, pistol-only engagements, winning or losing a gunfight is often determined in under 6 seconds…


Having the opportunity to finally shoot a Glock set up with the mount, I was impressed with the ease of hitting 10” steel at 25 yards. Since the T1 “floats” over the slide, and doesn't move, I perceived very little distraction from the slide returning to battery. You simply lock onto the red-dot, place it on the intended target, press the trigger, manage the recoil and continue to fire. The sight will remain on target through the string of fire. With slide mounted electronic sights, I have at times been slightly distracted by the movement of the optic as the weapon cycles. It might be my own experience and observation, but it simply feels faster to reengage with this mount. Obviously I cannot confirm which is the better setup until I have the ability to acquire a 6 Second mount of my own (which I’m definitely going to do) and shoot several identical Glocks set up with different mounts, using a shot timer as the judge.


Despite the mount being set forward on the pistol, it balances well and points naturally. The 6 Second mount features a detachable “blast shield” that helps protect the optic, but does look a little funky on the weapon. The obvious question is, what holster would you use to carry this blaster? Rumor has it that Raven Concealment Systems will be selling one to fit the system – more on that to follow. For shooters on the fence about permanently modifying their pistol for an optic, this might be a great product with which to test the concept. For a bedside home defense gun, this would be a great “bump in the night” setup. Its worth checking out, as it was a lot of fun to shoot. Hopefully I’ll have one on my Glock by the spring!

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