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From SHOT – ZevTech’s New Glock Barrel

Zev Technologies is a designer and manufacturer of some pretty damn sexy firearm parts and accessories. This year at SHOT Show 2015 they debuted more a few cool products to add to their lines.

Brad Walker Zev 2
One new product in particular is their new match grade Glock barrels. They're a drop-in style barrel with extremely tight tolerances and milled from pre-hardened chromium 416R stainless steel originally designed for match grade rifle barrels. What does this mean for you? It means you get an ultra accurate, high tensile strength, highly corrosion resistant barrel to upgrade your pistol.

Brad Walker Zev 1

They describe every barrel as “…double-honed for consistency and accuracy”, and each is also dimpled to shaving weight and added strength – plus of course it looks just plain badass.

Brad Walker Zev 3

Zev Tech is also releasing their new .22 conversion kits in the future; stay tuned for more updates on those.

If you missed Zev Tech Booth #20365 at SHOT Show 2015, never fear – you can log on to for all their new hotness.

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