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Public Service Message urges children to take guns to school for confiscation.

A “public service message” is now out there urging kids to take their parents' firearm to school so it will be taken away. It doesn't get much more WTFO than this, for many reasons – not least of which is the idea that someone wants kids to handle a potentially loaded weapon, cart it into a school and then handle it again around teachers or other students.

PSA Urges kids to take a gun to schoolThis inane and dangerous short film is the work of “Sleeper 13 Productions“. Feel free to contact them. Politely and constructively explain the safety and criminal issues with their message. I say “politely” because if you say what you really want to say, however justified and well-intentioned, the message will be lost or worse corrupted to serve their ends.

Weapons of Mass Destruction are actually to be found in local gun shows.

WTFO Files - Gun Control 1

Some truly astonishing things can be learned from #gunsense.

Gun Control

In other news from the WTFO Files:

Newtown families sue Bushmaster

Adam Lanza AR15

According to the Washington Post and several other periodicals, several families who lost children in the Sandy Hook shootings are now filing suit against the firearm manufacturer Bushmaster Firearms International LLC (Freedom Group) for “wrongful death”. The families of nine victims (suing on behalf of the victims' estates) and one survivor are participating in the suit, which names as defendants Bushmaster (the manufacturer of the weapon), Camfour (the distributor) and Riverview Sales (the store in which Nancy Lanza purchased the rifle) as well as the owner of Riverview Sales, Mr. David Laguercia.

The lawsuit describes the AR15 as a “military weapon” with “…little utility for legitimate civilian purposes”. It accuses the defendants of selling the AR15 in such a manner as to make them available to “individuals unfit to operate these weapons”. The AR15, the suit alleges, should not be entrusted to the general public because it is a military assault weapon unsuited for civilian use, with “…no place among America's handguns and hunting rifles.”

I cannot imagine what these families have undergone, and I hope such a spurious and ill-informed lawsuit is being levied for sincere if misinformed reasons, but spurious and ill-informed it is. Do not doubt it.

You can read the actual 40-page complaint here. Read further details courtesy of the Washington Post, the Daily Beast, on CNN, on Vice and other websites.

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