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G-Code: RTI Mounting Solution for your Car

There are many solutions to having a gun accessible in your car. You can wear it on your hip, purchase a specialty holster, shove it in a glove box, or of course the bad movie stand-by: putting it under a newspaper on the passenger seat. That last suggestion may look cool in an action flick, but it isn't practical in the real world. Even the normal starts, braking, and turns of normal driving will cause that handgun to go all over the place.

People have been modding their own vehicle holsters for some time, but G-Code has a way for you to do it without breaking out your tool kit or grandma's crafting supplies: the RTI Vehicle Mounting System.


They've combined the power of industrial adhesive, Velcro, and their quick-connecting RTI wheel for a one-stop solution. After application, any RTI-compatible holster can be secured within reach while you rumble down the road. Take note that if the holster is mounted in front of you, you'd have to use the opposite-handed holster so you'll have proper orientation.

Asked how it will hold up in heat, G-Code advises, “Up to + 300*f … It will hold up in long prolonged heat.”

GCode_RTI_Car05 GCode_RTI_Car06






For more information or to purchase, visit G-Code here. Or, give them a follow on Facebook or Instagram. It's a good idea to keep an eye on them. As with other good and innovative companies they're constantly coming up with new gear (like the new Glock 43 OSH holster and their Scorpion Mag Pouches).

Glock 43 Holster

G-Code Scorpon Mag Pouches

Not familiar with G-Code? There's an extensive overview over here.

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