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Gadget Fu: Lander ruggedized phone accessories

Lander just popped up on the scene but have come out with a couple of pieces of gear to keep your tech running longer.  People are using their phones for all sorts of things in the field these days.  Be it for GPS function, a ballistic calculator, the all important selfies or even a walkie-talkie, it is a ubiquitous tool to be sure.  Its nice to know that little brick of glass, metal and electrical gubbins sitting in your pocket that costs almost a mortgage payment is safe.



The rear of the case features the Lander logo and ridges on the top and bottom to aid in grip. Nothing is worse then dropping your phone in the toilet. Well, not much. You could be forced to binge watch an entire season of Dancing With the Stars on a perfect day when there's no one on the range.

Protect your thingamawhatsit

The Powell case comes in four colors (black, blue, clear and red) and fits the Iphone 6/6s along with the Plus models and the Samsung Galaxy 6S although the 6S doesn't have blue as an option.



The included travel case holds your phone and resembles an over sized luggage tag. You would really have to drop it to do damage in both cases.

They also include this travel case to further protect your phone.  The indented top also looks like a great spot to toss small rifle parts if you need to take your gun apart at the range.


Every iPhone user who had their charging cable fall apart at the ends is secretly rejoicing at the sight of this cable.

More to check out

Lander has also produced stronger cables called the Neve (q.v.) to charge your phone, send your music to a device with an AUX port, or share some audio with a friend.  We know of several people who ripped through their iPhone cables protective covers and even got a zap.

Lander has lots of other products on horizon so head on over to their website here to check out whats going on.  You can also check out their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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